Price drop WF717A Fluid Head + Tripod

With the new Konova slider on the market the 717AH fluid head has become a popular accessory to complete the set. Recently there seems to be a small price drop in the WF717A Tripod + Fluid Head via Amazon. Unlike the bowl mount Fluid head, the one on the WF717A (this one) can be removed and used on your Konova slider, SpiderTrax Skate dolly, or other projects and you'll still have a very lightweight aluminum tripod + bag. Should be a standard 3/8" threaded mount.

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61 thoughts on “Price drop WF717A Fluid Head + Tripod

  1. jesco

    Thanks. I am new to tripods. Pardon the simple questions:

    For slider set up, would you recommend:

    TRIPOD: recommended 9901 or 717?
    FLUID HEAD: 717 (comes with 717 tripod, I believe?)
    ...or purchase separately if using 9901


    Should the ballhead fit on the tripod without the slider? Mine does not seem too.

    Thanks, J

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @jesco - A ball head is mainly for still photos or to get angles with your camera. Video fluid heads can only pan left/right and tilt up/down. Ball Heads can tilt in various angles. If you use sliders, you may end up wanting both types of heads.

  3. jesco

    Hello, I just bought the FT9901 tripod as recommended here: Would you recommend the 717AH fluid head with that tripod (for slider set up) or is the above 717 tripod a better fit?

    When I bought the FT9901 tripod, I also ordered this ball head... should I return it and get the 717 fluid head?

    (It doesn't seem to fit on the FT9901)


  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Bdav - I'm not very clear on all the differences. They seem about the same as far as the fluid head goes.

  5. Out West

    Yea, I have actually looked at that Head. I was attracted to the 717AH Video Fluid Head you reviewed. Seemed a little more versatile with sliders and such than the Manfrottos. Looked like you had some trouble with the adjustment knobs on the sliders and dollies. Odds are the Manfrotto is a better quality Head but it may lack some the versatility of the717AH Head, not to mention the cost.

    Any Thoughts?

    BTW just got my LCD Viewfinder you reviewed today. Awesome find, love it!

  6. Out West

    Hey Emm, quick thanks for this site...most informative!

    Id like to have your take on this setup.

    The head you recommend.

    And the Manfrotto 05XPRO

    Dont mind spending the little extra or the weight. (I started shooting Video back on 3/4 =) ).

    Im just starting to mess with video on my T2i and want to get a tripod I can really grow into without breaking the bank to do photos and video. Is the Combo Head and Sticks as good in your opinion than this setup? Thanks!

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