[Video and Audio are terrible. Shot with a cheap Point and Shoot]

Not sure if the post shows up, but it’s about 1:00 a.m. (in the morning). I received a super last minute call to help out with some Glidecam work on an event. So I decided to hack something up which I think would be helpful. When flying on this Glidecam i’m closing down the aperture to keep things in focus. This means less light. So I decided to mod a few RC batteries together to power up the 352 LED Ring Light. It’s bright, it’s well diffused, and it’s dimmable. It’s the perfect light source for what i’m trying to achieve during this event. [BTW the light at the end of this video is turned all the way down – it gets brighter!]

In order to mount the large 352 LED Ring light, I needed to raise up the 60D with a battery grip and then place it on top of a Calumet quick release adapter. A few flexible power arms kept the LED Ring light mounted and also the Rode VideoMic Pro in place. With the 60D Manual Audio + Rode VideoMic Pro +20db, it sounds really good. Anyways, this rig might be overkill so I also balanced out my 7D on the Glidecam HD1000 for times I don’t need lighting or audio. Ok, time to nap. Could be a long day…

find-price-button 352 LED Ring Light with 12V AC Adapter

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