Konova Roller Bearing DSLR Slider – Review

Ok, I have to keep adding 'Roller bearing' to the description of this DSLR slider. Everyone keeps throwing in names like Igus and GlideTrack, but it's not the same. Those guys don't use actual 'Roller bearings'. I know all about the Igus based sliders, and you can find my version on this blog. My current fixation is about this particular 'Rolling Bearing' slider. If you've ever tried an actual roller bearing slider, you might not go back. The problem is that even the cheapest Roller bearing slider will run you close to $500 bucks. This is why I was excited to see something a lot cheaper show up online.

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So here it is, and what do you need to know? For starters, it's a great deal. Even after posting this slider up, I haven't seen anything else that can come close to this as far as features, build quality, and price. I'm sure i'm going to start getting some 'I made mine for this price...' comments, but unless you're selling it, i'm not considering it as a readily available option.

This slider has a solid rail, no flex. It has 1/4x20 & 3/8" threaded tripod mounts in the center, and on each end. It also has 1/4 x 20 & 3/8" threaded mounts on the sides for 'vertical' mounting. It comes with adjustable legs/feet that can be removed. There's also padded platforms that allow it to be used directly on any surface without worry of scratching or marking the area. There's a brake to lock down the carrier when it's not in use. It also comes with a very slick looking quality travel bag. The Slider moves very fluid with zero lash and can be adjusted if need be. It's also very lightweight, but feels like it can slide even heavier cameras than a DSLR.

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There is one thing to note. The platform is designed only for a 3/8" mount. This means you need a fluid head or some type of camera mount. You can't mount the camera directly to the platform. Not a deal breaker since most sliders require this anyway. The unit slides so easily, it would work perfectly for motion timelapse rigs. Any small motor can easily pull a heavy camera through it's entire rail. Overall it's more than I expected for the price. The first actual 'roller bearing' slider to break this price point, and here it is.

So another great cost saving product first introduced here on Cheesycam.com. If you want to show some support for what I do, hook a brotha up and link back to this article!

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Konova Slider - via Amazon

find-price-button KONOVA K Slider 3080 NA-8


69 thoughts on “Konova Roller Bearing DSLR Slider – Review

  1. Just updating my previous post. I got the slider (from B&H Video in NY but also available with cheaper shipping at filmtools.com) and it's not as smooth as I had hoped. I don't know if I need to use some lubrication thing on it to make it slider more or not.
    It's smooth enough but could be better. If I tilt the slider on a slant, the sliding part doesn't fly down which is what I would've loved.

    Still worth it though

  2. I'm from Canada and I'm looking to buy the Dot Line DLC 47" Camera Slider from B&H in NY and its at $150 so way cheaper and still does the job.

  3. Great job with your site. Very useful. Tried clicking on the link but it came up error. I've seen these but they're always way to expensive. I'm considering this one.


  4. Does anyone know what brand the rail or carriage is? Or if there is any writing on the rubber wipers? I love the Konova slider, but it's waaaay too long for my needs... I was hoping to make a mini version that's like 12" long.

    Thanks for any help!

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Paul - That two timing slider! I thought I was the only one sleeping with her...LOL.

  6. Just got my Konova Slider in today. Wow, took only 5 days to ship! Now that is FAST!! Immediately out of the box, It was already smooth, and not wobbly like some people were mentioning up above. WAAAAAAY better than my DIY IGUS slider. I knew they made different lengths, but for some reason I thought the default length was 100mm. How well, having a compact slider of this size will make it that much easier for run and gun anyways (weddings, events etc.) I figured if I needed to dolly anymore than a couple feet, I would be better off using an actual dolly system. Thanks again Emm for the kick ass Konova recommendation!!!

  7. Not sure if anyone mentioned it-- but I emailed Frank about roughness in my slider. He sent me instructions (albeit in Korean) about how to remove the carriage and adjust the position of the bearings for best contact with the rail. Emm, I'll email it to you if you're interested in posting it.

  8. Just got the slider today. The bearing plate is extremely wobbly. It looks like I got the four bearing model. I tried tightening and loosening, but it makes no change.

    Anybody else with an issue like this? I did contact Frank. Just waiting to hear a response.

  9. Brett

    There is one thing that confuses me about mounting the slider vertically on the tripod to do a full vertical slide. What is stopping the camera from simply rolling down the full length of the rail? In other words; can you control the resistance of the slide and if so how well does this work in achieving a smooth and constant slide in the vertical direction?

  10. entienne01

    I'm messing around with the feet and trying to figure out a way to keep them attached and fit in the bag for transportation.

    I want to add some height in between the base of the feet and the slider (where it attaches), maybe with some rubber stoppers. That way, it'll clear the endplates when I twist the feet to align it with the slider for transportation.

    But this set up will still be too long to fit in the bag. So I'm thinking of drilling an additional set of holes a little closer to center so that when I turn the feet, it'll line up with the ends of the slider and fit perfectly in the bag. Now I just have to find a local machinist?

  11. Harlan

    @entienne01 Thanks so much brother. I purchased the longest one too so any tips and suggestions are much appreciated!

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