During our shoot, swapping lenses from several different cameras, things got lost in the shuffle. Hoods, DSLR Body Caps, lens Caps, Rear Caps, gear was just everywhere. Gotta always carry some spares if you want to protect that sweet glass and prevent dust in the DSLR.

find-price-button Three Stage Compact Rubber Lens Hoods

As bright as it’s been these past few days, hoods really help prevent washed out images by shading the lens glass as well as protect the front of the lens from minor bumps. If you have lenses that didn’t come with hoods, check out these three stage rubber hoods that can snap back for wide lenses or spring forward for zoom lenses. Sweetest part is that they don’t take up much bag space like the hard plastic hoods. They will fit any lens as long as you get the right filter size, starting at less than $3.50 cents.

find-price-button Canon Rear Lens Caps Body Caps

DSLR body caps and rear lens caps (above) can be had for as little as $0.99 cents + Free Shipping. Yeah talk about a steal and you can never have enough of these.

find-price-button Canon Nikon Sony Front Lens Caps

Front lens caps are the worst. With too many people and too many cameras, front lens caps for me are notoriously walking off from a shoot. I pack my gear fairly tight into as little bags as possible and missing a lens cap sucks big time. Here’s a link to some inexpensive front Snap lens caps complete with Nikon or Canon Logos for as little as $2.00 dollars + Free Shipping.

And if you’re not rocking lens pouches or lens bags check out this article here: http://cheesycam.com/lens-protection-neoprene-foam-padded-bags/

find-price-button Padded Lens Bags for Canon Nikon Sony Pentax Panasonic DSLR Lenses

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