Custom Fancier 717 Fluid Head Quick Release – Teaser

Very small production run of a quick release adapter compatible with the 717 Video Fluid Heads (seen here). We decided to make a few for ourselves, and there will be a few more available for sale at later tonight. More info will come as soon as I get back from lunch...


[Update] Just a note, that this is 'NOT' an 'Official' Fancier sponsored product. Those guys never provided a QR solution, so it was about time we made a few available. This is a custom QR adapter made from P&C and there's a limited inventory. This 'DOES NOT' include a quick release plate. This is only the adapter base itself. This base adapter will allow you to quickly mount your camera from your WF717 Fluid Head to a DSLR Cage, Crane, Slider, Shoulder Rig, Steadicam, etc.

It has a very flush base that will work perfectly on a Glidecam or Flycam and you can tighten the knob without interference. It also 'mounts' and 'dismounts' from the top instead of sliding into the base. This makes it easier to mount shoulder rigs that have hanging handles, or low mounted counterweights that often make sliding the QR plate difficult. will list this item tonight with Free Shipping for USA buyers. For USA & International, you can purchase through eBay (click here).

find-price-button Custom Fancier 717 WF717AH Fluid Head Quick Release Adapter (base only)

If you need a plate for this QR Adapter base, you can find some following the link (click here)
find-price-button 717 WF717 WF717AH Base Plate


57 thoughts on “Custom Fancier 717 Fluid Head Quick Release – Teaser

  1. We use this system for all our cameras, rigs, jibs, hi-hats, etc.

    We started out early in the game with a Facierstudios "heavy duty" (it's not *that* heavy duty) tripod and fluid head WF717 (also called 717AH by other brands). We looked a long time at utilizing Manfrotto 501 compatible plates (that work with their excellent monopod and head, etc.), but this quick release system was just SO MUCH more affordable. The problem was you couldn't get the cradle (the holder for the quick release plate), so when P&C came up with this solution, we purchased 6.

    They are solid metal, so very sturdy, and that mount about as flush to a surface as you could possibly hope for (so they offer maximum clearance once you put the camera in).

    The only thing I don't like about this unit is the lock down mechanism. It's just a knob, and is sometimes hard to lock down satisfactorily. I think a lever (like is on a 15mm shaft holder or most other quick release plates) is a better solution (it's easier to tighten).

    As such, we have been looking for another "cradle" that will work with the 717AH/WF717 plate. There are a few links in this thread to eBay sellers and "replacement parts" for the 717AH/WF717 fluid head. We found this same "replacement part" on Amazon, and we are going to purchase one of those and see if we can drill the cradle piece to use like the product listed here.

  2. Jason

    Seems like they may have stopped selling this a couple years ago? Still a great idea. I want one. Anyone making these any more?

  3. feelgood

    @Brian Siano

    I had the same question about the 6664. I went ahead and bought one hoping the 717 quick release plates would fit.

    It doesn't fit exactly--the good news is the 717 plate isn't too big, it's that the the 6664 clamp doesn't close tight enough to secure the plate (but it's just barely too lose). The locking mechanism on the 6664 works for the 717 plate, but the plate is still too loose and slides back and forth (the ends of the 717 plate are also longer than the length of the 6664 plate, but you could probably tell that from the pictures, and it's not important as long as the plate is snug).

    So, I think I'm going to try and add some lead tape or something to the walls of the 6664 base to see if I can get a snug/tight fit on the 717. If the clamp just closed a millimeter or so more, it'd be a perfect fit. Kind of dissapointed, but I think I can add something to make it work with the 717 plates, especially since the safety lock is working. But it won't be useable out of the box.

  4. Brian Siano

    Davidn4 asked a question that I could use an answer for, too: "I have a question. Is the FT-6664H using the same plate size as the WF717AH? If so, then with the addition of this QR plate, could you use one plate and move between the fluid head, the ball head, and this adapter?"

    I'd buy the 6664 in an instant if I cna use the same plate that's in my 717.

  5. Ben

    Hey Yardley this reply is kind of a year late but maybe it will help someone else. i have the FC270a tripod which comes with the FC-02h head and the baseplate from my Weifeng 717 will fit onto the FC-02h head. however the baseplate from the FC-02h will not fit on the 717 head. i cant say for sure P&C's third party adapter wont take the new FC-02h plate but if it is built similar to the base of a 717 head then it may not take the plate that comes with the FC270a. This isn't really a big deal anyway because you can just use the old 717 plates on the FC270a tripod and it will all work.

    here is link to an image of the FC-02h plate incase your wondering what it looks like. they are the ones that wont fit a 717 head.

  6. Ben

    Hi Emm, this product is such a great solution. I hear it was a short production run and judging from the lack of supply on the web i figure all the stock is gone. i live in Australia and would looove to get my hands on two or three of these bases for my steadycam, rig, jib and slider. i hope you're thinking of re releasing this thing, that would be awesome.

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