Cineroid L2C-3K Daylight Tungsten On-Camera LED Video Light

The good folks over at EVSOnline gives you a peek at Cineroid's L2C-3K LED Video light. Instead of providing two different LEDs which normally cuts your output in half, they decided to provide options for swapping out ALL of the LEDs. Of course this means you can't dial in mixed temperatures. It definitely looks like a good light, but if you want the variable temp options, be ready to throw down over $500 bucks. Three different packages, available via B&H (click here).

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8 thoughts on “Cineroid L2C-3K Daylight Tungsten On-Camera LED Video Light

  1. yang

    I ever saw this light in Cinema 5D. The lux is a little small .compare to the price ,it's too expensive.

  2. vaughan

    You may well get what you pay for with all cine/slr gear....price does tend to reflect quality. Yes cheaper LED lights avail, but try dimming them and retaining constant colour temp. There is a huge range of LED's manufactured. Cheap lights use cheap LED's and the only person who will suffer is the user/shooter.One of my gaffers was so pleased with his New found affordable LED lights, until we put a colour temp meter on them, they are so far off what the manufacturer said, but now he has to at his cost add colour correction gel to them when they are being used, soon he will have spent the same in gel as he would have buying higher quality LED lights.
    The L10C model appears not to have a fan.
    weight: 160g, 5400k- 380Lux @1m, 3000K-325Lux @1m, Power: 6-17v.

  3. Tony

    wow...a fan? are they serious? I'm shutting down laptops and desktops in adjacent rooms to shoot and they want 3-5 hundred bucks to light me up? This must be an on-camera "night club" light lol. I thought LED were "cool lights". lol

  4. Pierre

    What about CRI? Light output? Weight?
    We need to compare this with the other options availlable on the market.

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