Evil Little LCDVF Twin vs LCDVF

lcdvf-clone (10)
(Above) Original LCDVF vs LCDVF Clone

Here's a couple of snapshots i'm sharing with everyone LCDVF vs LCDVF Clone. One is the real, and one is the clone. You can barely tell any difference at all. Even the bag is legit! The clone fit 'perfectly' on my original LCDVF metal frame that was already mounted on my cameras. Magnetic strength was the same for both.

After each strobe fired, there was a bit of color coming off of the Replica lens. I swapped positions in the lightbox, but you could still see a bit more reflection from the LCDVF clone optics. There could be a bit of truth regarding the way the glass is designed. This would only be noticeable if light were hitting it in a certain direction, so I wouldn't even consider that a 'problem'. It's like having glare on a window, but once you got your face up to it blocking that light you can see clearly. As far as Magnification it's pretty much on point. I don't notice a difference against my LCD glass. It's about a $100 dollar price difference between the real and the clone. I'll let you guys compare the photos and read all the comments to decide which would work best for you.

Imitation is usually the best form of flattery, but this is so close to the real deal, if eBay finds there is some Infringement issues, say goodbye to these uber cheap LCD Viewfinders. If it still works, here's the link to the LCDVF Clone Viewfinders for DSLRs.

lcdvf-clone (20)
find-price-button LCD viewfinder x2,8 for Canon 5D MKII 7D 550D T2i

(below) Clone wearing the Upgraded Eyepiece found in this article
lcdvf-clone (20)

Don't forget the upgraded eyepiece can be found in this article.

click image


75 thoughts on “Evil Little LCDVF Twin vs LCDVF

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @chris - I haven't checked yet, but you don't see something called 'LCD Auto Off'?

  2. chris

    @emm ok cool, i've tried looking through my 60d and can't seem to find any option like that. are you sure its there?

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @chris - There's a setting in the menu to disable the LCD if you put your face up to the camera. I'll check mine later to see what that's called.

  4. chris

    for some reason every time i attach the lcdvf to my 60d the lcd monitor on it turns off! i've tried looking around for a answer and i can't find how to stop it from happening. it doesn't happen straight away sometimes it's good for a few minutes and sometimes it does it right away!

    any sugestions??

  5. Martijn

    i am SO greatfull for this!

    i was jut about to buy this originally!
    i already had the original, but i lost it. so with pain in my heart (and my wallet) i was just about to check-out at a local webstore.

    untill i saw this! great!
    you can also buy them from china, free of shipping through http://www.dealextreme.com

    thanks a lot!

  6. Sara

    I too had a hard time with the Frame. Both came unglued after removing the finder from the camera the 2nd time using it.

    Can someone recommend the glass protector I'm suppose to buy for a 60D.

    I wish I would've just purchased the lcf originally. I tested the original at B&H and finally got to see what this clone is suppose to be doing.

    But I don't wanna waste money so I'm stuck with it for a while. But I'd say go with the original lcdvf than this clone or at least test it out within the return period with the original.

    I purchased my clone on ebay from the Houston guy. Came quickly.
    I wear glasses.
    I have a 60d
    I got the one made especially for 60ds.

  7. Tom

    I forst ordered the fake LCDVF thinking it was the original. When I mounted it on my camera the metal on the LCDVF fake was pulled out by the magnetic plate. It would fall off when I viewed it through the eyepiece, Also, there was distortion of the image and it tinted the image as well. I returned it.

    Then I bought the real LCDVF, magnets worked perfectly, no distortion and no tint. I would say in my case, the LCDVF was worth the extra money

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @CareyD - ive been working on an idea to use a quick release adapter as a base plate for a viewfinder. would serve as a base plate and quick release adapter for your tripod. let me hash that out a bit..

  9. Hey Emm, I'm having problems with the frame for this Meike LCDVF sticking on my 60D. Best 'solve' for a sturdier mount?

    Some have mentioned JB Weld on a glass protector...if so I'll go that route but I'm wondering what protector to get for the 60D. The swivel screen poses additional challenges.

  10. Since using the original LCDVF on a Canon t2i is different then using it with a screen protector, does anything change if you use the LCDVF 3/2 with the screen protector on a canon t2i opposed to using the LCDVF 3/2 without the screen protector. has anyone tested it?

  11. I bought one of these clones from an eBay seller out of Houston and this thing is great. It was easy to put on, it stays on, it feels like it is built really well. I am so glad I visited your site first or I could have spent $100+ that didn't to spend.

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  13. xlerate


    My Meike arrived today, I should have read all of the comments here, but there is a crop on both the left & right side.

    I have emailed the seller as they specifically stated 'for 550d/T2i'.

    I'm looking at the black & gold one on eBay that also says the same thing but has a buy now for about $49

  14. Hm, is it just me that noticed it's NOT the same spec ? LCDVF is 2x, and this one is 2.8x... or maybe it's just marketing, but personally I prefer 2x !

  15. Matias

    The CAPA view finder looks good, has anyone used it? I'd like to reduce the cost of the gear I'm buying and a viewfinder is pretty essential. LCDVF is just too expensive. Thanks

  16. video guy nj

    Can someone update that ebay link in the article above. I want to make sure I'm getting one with the case and the accesories!

  17. Sean

    So from what I can tell from the links there is not a VF dedicated for the 550D/T2i.

    I plan on getting the screen protector so are you guys just getting the one for the 5D instead or are there going to be 550D/T2i versions released soon?

    Thanks again

  18. Sean

    So from what I can tell from the links there is not a VF dedicated for the 550D/T2i.

    I plan on getting the screen protector so are you guys just getting the one for the 5D instead or are there going to be 550D/T2i versions released soon?


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