Zoom H1 Firmware Update Instructional Video

YouTube member KnopTop shares all the steps needed to update the firmware on the popular Zoom H1 portable recorder. [Thanks Dave] The new firmware update is supposed to solve some major problems you want to avoid. There's some additional information on the original post (here).

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  1. I just got an H1 as my backup/2nd audio recorder and I'm trying to figure out which class and size of micro SD card would be best with this unit. I'd like to have the option of recording 24bit/96kHz.

    Also, I will be shooting interviews on a stage this weekend and thought that I might hook it up to a sound board and just let it record for a long period of time. Is this doable? As backup audio maybe?

    Thanks so much! All of your help is so wonderful!

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @IAmProductions - I think the Zoom H2 is better than the Zoom H1, but you're paying for extra features. You can record from a LAV microphone same as the Zoom H1, but you can't put it in your pocket. If you're happy with it, you don't need anything more, but the question is, do you really use everything the Zoom H2 has or can you live with what the Zoom H1 does. I have a Zoom H4n for microphones that require XLR and phantom power. I use the Zoom H1 for just small projects or as a body pack to record a subject.

  3. IAmProductions

    Hey Emm, Question, I have the Zoom H2 and use it for almost all my videos. But I heard that it's kinda meant more for live performance recording. It's a little more expensive than the Zoom H1. So question.....I know they both do practically the same thing, but would you suggest selling the H2 and purchasing the Zoom H1? Thanks alot.

  4. J Toha

    Thanks for this. Have downloaded the firmware earlier but not too sure if the updating process is similar to other devices, i.e put the file in the root folder of the SD card and choose play or update if there's such option.

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