Zoom H1 – 4 Left?

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Just checked and the seller says 4 in stock ready to ship. Very reasonable shipping prices you'd expect to pay on any other website. Looks legit and only 4 left. Just thought i'd share. Here's the link to the 4 Zoom H1's in stock.

First link sold out quick, found another seller and called them direct. Just got off the phone with them, and they have 10 that just arrived. This one has Free Shipping. Here's that other link with 10 that just came in, ready to ship.

BTW, for those who pre-ordered from the earlier article, I just received notice mine had shipped. Woohoo! Finally getting the last two Zoom's to complete my audio set.

Thank you for your order. We are happy to tell you that your order has been shipped and it on its way to you.
Order Details:
OrderID: ******
Item: Zoom H1 H 1 Handy Flash Audio Recorder **PRE-ORDER**
Item Number: 22063087****
Quantity: 2

10 thoughts on “Zoom H1 – 4 Left?

  1. Jason

    wow very surprised how light and cheap it feels...oh well I hope the audio quality will make up for it.

  2. Jason

    Ordered mine from that link of 10 Em posted on Wednesday on the blog..H1 arrived this morning! nice and fast! stoked!

  3. Mike

    I wonder how the H1 compares to the Tascam DR07 Portable Digital Recorder. They're both the same price on Amazon. The Tascam looks like it has more functionality, but sometimes that's not a good things. I'm just wondering about sound quality.

  4. I'm still waiting for mine to arrive at the local camera store. They had a kit that was the same price as just the recorder, so I got the kit. I popped by a day or two ago to see if they had gotten anything yet and they hadn't.

    Crying shame that I didn't have it in time for my road trip down the California coast. I really would liked to have recorded some audio of the waves on the beach.

  5. Jason

    Sorry I was a little too excited in that last post..I thought it was funny because my friend came over to give me a ride to the camera store and I literally checked cheesycam on the way out and bam..Em saved me $30. I was happy.

  6. Jason

    thanks em, just snatched one up!

    I was just about to go to the local camera shop, they got some in 2 weeks ago and havent sold a single one! But they only had the $129 bundle pack..I was going to cave just to get it..Good think I reloaded your page before I left out the door...HAHAHAHAHAH

  7. Nick

    Digital Foto Club is also still shipping them out. Mine went out yesterday so hopefully I'll see it by the beginning of next week.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    I have both, the Zoom H4n will solve all your problems, the only advantage of the H1 is that you can buy several of them, and they fit in a pocket. I purchased a few to use in situations where I would normally use a Wireless setup.

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