XMAS Sale on XMiniCam (not Skyler MiniCam)

[Update on Article] This appears to be a copy of the original Skyler MiniCam and not the original Skyler MiniCam.

Typically the Skyler MiniCam stabilizers can be found for approximately $520-$540 shipped (as found here). There's one seller posting a unit that is a copy of the Skyler product and lists as an XMiniCam for just $399 shipped. The listing mentions that only 5 would be sold at this price, or until the end of December. You can find that listing via eBay (Click Here).

Skyler MiniCam XMiniCam
find-price-button Skyler MiniCam XMiniCam Video Stabilizer

15 thoughts on “XMAS Sale on XMiniCam (not Skyler MiniCam)

  1. JL

    Hi, Skyler.
    Can you explain differences between Minicam 'Original' 'Mark II' '2012 version'? and let us know your main contact detail?

    Information about MiniCam on Web is so confusing.
    1. Which one is the latest version available?
    2. No longer attaching monopod at the bottom is possible?
    3. How many adjusting knob does the latest version has?
    4. What is your main web site? https://skylerminicam.com/ is not relevant anymore.
    5. Please take off line the information about Old version. just confusing.

  2. skyler

    "Skyler MiniCAM"is my design in 2009,made in Taiwan,(R.O.C patent D137656,China patent ZL201030113028.9)

    "Xminicam" is counterfeit goods,made in China. quality is bad.

  3. Kai

    The $399 is a fake product with low Quality.
    You will get bad balance when you turn round with fake one.

    Skyler MiniCam is better.

  4. Pil

    Hi, What are the key differences between the skyler and the xminicam? They pretty much have the same concept, but is one better than the other? I've been trying to find some test footages for the xminicam and other than the ones posted on the ebay listing, I haven't run into any video reviews. I noticed that there is a price difference of $120 for the skyler and xminicam. Which one is the best bang for the buck?

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Wes Jerdon - The good thing is you will always have options. For a third of the price, there is other stabilizers that provide the same end result.

  6. .... I am sorry... I NEVER understand HOW they justify these prices.... Seriously... A CAR has WAY more moving parts and technology in it and I can get a beater (but still working) car for around $1000... I seriously wish I could sit in a meeting with the owners of these companies and have them try and talk me into just why these things are worth SO much money... Case and point, a micro FollowFocus Blue (linked below). It is a couple of gears, and some either hard plastic or light metal pieces... Why is it priced at almost $800... Sorry, had to vent a bit, lol.


  7. Emm

    Post author

    @John - The Skyler is great for my travels, but it's limited to what it can fly. A camera + short prime is about it. It's also a little harder for someone inexperienced to fly compared to the larger Wieldy. If you plan to use an led light or mount audio, you need a larger stabilizer.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @pops - They seem to be going back and forth a bit on the design. First they did not have the bottom counter metal adjustment and then they added it. Then they felt it wasn't needed so they removed it. I've had both versions and that addition is not necessary. It could be helpful, but not necessary as you should be adjusting center of balance on the top stage rather than trying to compensate otherwise.

  9. pops

    Is this the newer version? Picture on Ebay that is... It says 2012 but... I can't see enough from their picture posted. What are your thoughts Emm?

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