With and Without the Fade

Vimeo member Film Cyfrowy runs through a few samples on why so many of us rely on ND Filters for video. If you're working without ND filters and need to bring your exposure down, you can try stopping down your aperture, but you'll lose all that gorgeous Depth of Field look. You can also drop the exposure by bumping up your shutter speed too, but that will give you a completely different look. To gain a little bit more control of your final footage, you can cut out the amount of light coming in with ND filters. One fast way to do this is to use the variable Fader ND filters which lets you dial in your exposure. There's pros and cons when working with Variable Faders which you can find more information about here: http://cheesycam.com/variable-nd-filters-fader-filters/

19 thoughts on “With and Without the Fade

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Eirik - I think it would look pretty cool. LOL. You'll have a bit of space between glass, so hopefully it doesn't create additional softness though.

  2. Jordan Hamelin

    Hey Emm,

    Im thinking of getting the 82mm for my Sigma 20mm 1.8 on my 60D

    It's gonna fit right? but do you think my lenshood will still fit on it?

  3. jason

    Using the LCW fader ND will produce a softer image, this is well known. I find the fader ND useful for shooting 720/60p stuff but not 1080. The fader ND also adds a warm yellowy color cast. I personally would avoid using the fader ND with any other filters as you're gonna potentially get unwanted reflections in your shots unless you also using a matte box (but that's just my free unsolicited opinion).

  4. ryan


    You did a little review piece on the Nature ND faders before. Did you do any other tests with it? Your reviews and tests are always the best and I'd love to see how you put it in action.

    LCW is just too pricey. Especially for someone like me doing stuff far from professional. 🙂

  5. Alfonso

    Haven't seen any comparison vids yet, but someone on youtube did a short review of the Polaroid filter:

    Apparently its very disappointing -- I guess there's a reason why something is $30 vs $130 vs $400. I myself have the Genus coming in the mail soon.

    To protect my 77mm Genus Variable ND filter, should I place a UV filter on front of it?

  6. Emm

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    @filmcyfrowy - Thanks for taking time to put up these informative reviews. I'm a big fan of the stuff you do.

  7. getem

    Personally I like using high shutter speeds instead of an Nd filter, you get the same dof but with a sharper look.

    When you shoot at high shutter speeds these cameras produce a very nicer image. When I shoot at 50 shutter speed the video is not as sharp

  8. Emm

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    @anon - you would have to remove the glass and screws. there might be a tiny retainiing ring. check the DIY fader article, there should be instructions.

  9. DoJo

    Awesome examples!! My friend and I are finally getting into short videos and this is an excellent product to keep options available! Thanks!

  10. anon

    hey Emm,

    I've been enjoying my Polaroid ND filter for some time now....but I recently got some sand stuck in-between the grooves........any tips as to opening the filter.....or just leave it alone?

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