Wireless Gimbal Remote to Start Stop Video on Panasonic GH4 GH5 Cameras

The other day while working with @BluSkyFilms helping with a Real Estate Video, I watched as he tested out the new CAME-TV Prophet Gimbal. One thing I noticed was how many times he let go of the gimbal handle every time he needed to Start and Stop video. This could literally be hundreds of times in a full day shoot. Because most people don't want to deal with wires on a stabilizer, here's an inexpensive Wireless Panasonic Remote I think could really save a lot of time and improve efficiency on the job. It's about $25 dollars and I can verify that it does work with cameras like the Panasonic GH4 / GH5.

You can mount it to the handle of your gimbal allowing for for easy Start/Stop video controls. What i've done is to add a strip of industrial double sided tape to the front, and lay a velcro strap over the top. This will let you mount it to just about any type of handle, and it's not permanent. Available on Amazon (here).

panasonic wireless remote
Learn-More-sm Wireless Shutter Remote for Panasonic GH4 GH5 Camera

3 thoughts on “Wireless Gimbal Remote to Start Stop Video on Panasonic GH4 GH5 Cameras

  1. Post author

    @Ulysse Nizet - Are you in Movie Mode? Also check the menu to enable Shutter button for video recording. I think there may be an option to disable the shutter button and only use the record button. This remote triggers the shutter, and if you are in movie mode you want to use the shutter for starting video.

  2. Ulysse Nizet

    Can't make the remote works with the GH5. Do you have any idea ?
    The transmitter and the receiver are linked together, but when pressing the big black button on the remote, nothing happens on the GH5.



  3. Scott

    I can also attest to the PixelPro products working well on GH4 (and presumably, GH5)

    I have one of their flash slave units, that doubles as a remote like this, because there's a button on the flash slave to trigger the shutter on the camera.

    This appears to be the same product, with a remote in the place of the slave.


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