What’s the Scoop? – Circular LED Panels

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find-price-button Ultra Bright LED Circular Panel

Mediacentric comments and is wondering what's your experience with these Circular LED Video Light panels? They are available in 276 LEDs, 380 LEDs, 645 LEDs, & 1144 LEDs. The back of the units appear to have a simple ON/OFF switch and what also looks to be a dimmer knob. [Update] Only one model has dimmer. For others, it's just a fuse. Some images also show a diffuser sock to help soften up some of that direct LED lighting. If you've got the scoop, leave a comment. Otherwise all of these lights can be found below.

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find-price-button Ultra Bright LED Circular Panel

I could be mistaken, but to warm these guys up (they are like Cloudy temp) you'd need a bit of CT orange Rosco E-Colour #223 1/8 CT Orange (21x24" Sheet)

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  1. Bought one a few months ago, 645 model, for the price, it's good. No dimmer, I use diffusion and scrims, so not a big deal, bought it for a lot of illumination and low power draw, so no dimmer works for me. Is it not a rugged design, so pack it well, but being very light weight flys at the end of a boom arm well. If the 1100 unit were not $300, I would buy another unit, but the 645 is a good value for the light output.


  2. I contacted ephoto and they basically advised me not to buy one. I asked about comparable light output and why they didn't use a 4 pin XLR connector and this was the response:

    "The 100o led is better you could tell by the price difference. One is metal casing one is plastic"

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @bill - Don't think these output as much light as the square panels. Might not be great.

  4. Garrick

    @ Mickey Jones because they are very cheep i question them. But i guess no barn doors and possibly no way to control light output this is a appropriate price.

  5. Mickey Jones

    "defiantly want to hear some feedback on this."

    Why so rebellious?

    I too would like to hear follow-up about the shoe-mount LED lights.

  6. Vinnay

    I was at the store that sells these about a week ago and they had a pretty bad color tint. (I can't quite remember if it was purple or green) The guy that runs the photo department didn't seem too stoked off them. I guess if you don't mind custom white balance but that could then throw off all your other lights.

    Just something to consider.

  7. I believe that is a fuse socket and not a dimmer knob on the back of those lights. Also, according to the specs the color temp is 6000k...standard color temp for that range would be 5600k.

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