Variable Position Friction Arm – Price Drop

Just days ago the most popular design in power friction arms recently receives a significant price drop of up to 25% on eBay. This includes free shipping. Two common sizes available from 11" and 7". We have about 6 or more of the 11" and use it for just the most random things. If you've purchased these before, or have previously done your price matching, then you'll know it's a deal right now (click here).

Friction Arms
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15 thoughts on “Variable Position Friction Arm – Price Drop

  1. I'm still saving for a complete Gini or a Proaim rig, but those including mattebox and follow focus, will still run you $800-1000 at least. This doesn't look like a bad option of quick stabilization for a second shooter.

  2. They're only $100 shipped now. Not a bad option if you want to throw a body and a lens on it in a hurry. You mean the joints are loose? Not something maybe a couple of washers can fix?

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Apostolos - Yes, I have experience with this. Something that was put together httpss://

    I have too many options to use something like this, but a few other are using it. Some areas of the rig won't clamp super tight so there is still some flex at the joint.

  4. Don't know what you guys are attaching on this, but i have trouble using it with smallHD. It just keeps rotating, can't stay still when I move my crane. Problem is in where the clamp is attached. It just cant take the weight of smallHD, and if on the right side it just gets unscrewed... Had that problem all day today. WIll give it another go tomorow morning to see if I can work out something...

  5. Luke Kwan

    i have the much longer rycote bar and i don't like it. it made of plastic and it fexes way too much when i have my DP4, rode mic, and cn160 led light.

    It works well, but I'm looking for a cage or a DIY cage like emm built here.

    I don't own any of the below. but they look much better made...

  6. Mickey Jones

    These arms are awesome. One knob tightens all joints. I got one for $38 shipped and that was a low price then. Now that they are cheaper, they are even better.

  7. I bought my friction arms elsewhere, but since you brought up the topic, I want to share how handy I've found the little 15mm studs offered by They have a 1/4-20 threaded hole in them, so I can wrench it down ONE TIME on the end of my friction arm, then all I have to do is put that 15mm rod section into any 90 degree mount/clamp and easily twist the connection tight.

  8. I had bought an arm and nano clamp from the same OEM on eBay, and both have been disappointments. The clamp failed immediately because it was screwed together poorly, so I paid a low price to get another, which had the sticky pads slide off and drop my camera on the street. The plastic knob on the arm broke off in this incident. Total waste of almost $100.

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