Varavon Zeus UNI C-Type Camera Half Cage

Do you work with a few different camera bodies and need a universal cage to fit them all? Perhaps you've upgraded camera bodies and your old Cages is no longer compatible with the new camera body? Or maybe you just have one of those camera bodies that don't third-party companies choose not to make dedicated cages for (i.e. Sony RX10MKII, Panasonic G7, etc.).

Situations like these are probably good reason to look at the new Varavon Zeus UNI C-Type Half Cage. It's designed to fit around most camera bodies giving you a proper Top Handle and dozens of mounting points for your EVFs, Monitors, Microphones, LED Lighting, etc. The video below offers a look at the Varavon Zeus UNI and a general idea how it works.

The Varavon Zeus UNI seems to be versatile enough to work with many different camera bodies, but there could be times when the cage blocks the top dials. This is mainly an issue with cameras that are very flat at the top. But with cameras that have slightly raised hotshoes (GH4, A7sII, Canon 5D, etc) this will provide additional clearance to access those top dials and menu buttons.

I believe most people would rather choose a custom designed form fitting Cage for their camera bodies. But if you can't seem to find one available for your unique camera model, this simple C-Type Half Cage could be a great option. For more information visit the Zeus UNI product page (here).

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6 thoughts on “Varavon Zeus UNI C-Type Camera Half Cage

  1. Bob

    Does varavon ever give out free shipping coupons? I was going to buy one of the old a7s cages but the $30 shipping seems steep and made me stop.

  2. shane

    Alex the Smallrig A7s/rii cage works and also allows you to use the Sony hotshoe XLR thing. I use it and it works well.

  3. Alex

    with the sony cameras my challenge is always to find a cage that works with the hotshoe XLR mic adapter.
    I suppose the sound can go into the recording monitor.

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