Varavon Wire Cam Demo Video

varavon wirecam cable cam

Varavon has been teasing their Wire Cam (cablecam) product for a few years now, but they state they will officially open sales starting next week. We'll just have to wait to see. Here's the latest video demo using the BirdyCam2 gimbal placed below the Wire Cam.

The Wire Cam can be used with any 3 axis gimbal stabilizer, or with your camera mounted directly (though it won't be stabilized). You can already find a parts list, more video samples, and additional information at the Wire Cam product page (click here).
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13 thoughts on “Varavon Wire Cam Demo Video

  1. Valentin

    @southerndude - I second you. It does not make sense to have a cablecam more expensive than a drone.
    There is a lot of specific activities that would benefit more from a cheap cablecam than a drone. All indoor activities and all outdoor activities limited to a rectangular field. For example a cablecam running along a Football, soccer, rugby, athletic field attached to either dedicated masts or to the top of the stand.
    In Germany a lot of soccer stadium have such system. If somebody were to come with a complete system for under 1K, it would sell like hot cake. When you compare the Varavon price and the price of a syrp, it is just laughable. Check syrp video after 1 minute 58 seconds.
    Combine a cable cam system with a tracker or follow me mode (or follow the tracker inside the ball) and you have a system that most amateur or college/university club could easily use.
    Plus with a heavier payload, you can use a proper rig on a cablecam. Attach an electronic remote follow focus to a camera below a drone, and right away it is above their weight limit or the flight time fall below 10 minutes.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Southerndude - Maybe, but the 'drone' movement is taking up alot of that market too. HD cameras are getting smaller and to fly them is getting cheaper. Of course these Cable Cams have a special niche too where you can fly heavier systems or when a drone is illegal to use in some instances. Example: the Cable Cam systems are safer to fly over a crowd indoors, and are more silent than a drone.

  3. Southerndude


    I would think that with all the Hand held brushless Gimbals now being sold, that an inexpensive DIY Motorized Cable Cam, using many of the existing gimbals would be a very, very intriguing add on to many videographers tool chest. I know I would buy one, or make one, with the price being right!

  4. kenny

    dunno how you balance the $$$ on that compared to the Inspire or P2 GoPro for size to pass thru, but anything > than the $4k for Inspire is nuts.

  5. Derrick

    @Emm...Ha! But of course, I've actually seen that and had forgotten about it. It would be cool if you could do an update experiment to see the end result. With brushless tech now readily available I could see some amazing low cost results coming from a well thought out DIY project.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Derrick - Cheesycam put a lab coat on for a Cable Cam? Been there, done that and have one already. Here's a video shot 3 years ago on an early protoype before brushless gimbals. I used it with my RX100, but I guess I should dust it off and mount my new #minigimbal!

  7. Derrick

    They said $7000 in the video linked below, including the gimbal and transmitter. So you're still looking at around $5000 for just the wirecam. Pricey for even the average semi-pro shooter who may not use it much. There's got to be a less expensive way to DIY one. Maybe Emm will put on his lab coat lol, hint hint.


  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Paul - Not quite sure where you're getting your information from, but I don't think it's $9K without a gimbal. From what I hear this may be one of the cheapest cable cams on the market that can support a heavy gimbal, but it's not $9K without one.

  9. I know its not out yet, but would that hold something like the DJI Ronin gimbal? I've admittedly not done the research needed on the gimbals, but I thought that the Ronin had the biggest payload capacity at the lower price point. I'd use the hell out of that rig if I could fly my AF100 and wirelessly throw a signal to my switcher. And then have a full handheld gimbal when were not needing a wirecam.

  10. pablogrollan

    Looks nice, useful and compact enough. Pricing? It simply says sold out in their website.
    Also, noticed how they started using the birdycam and half way through the video they switch to a Ronin? I'm not sure that's the best way to advertise your gimbal...

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