Varavon Tilt Jib Assembly and Video Samples

Varavon's latest Tilt Jib Mini Crane is not the most portable system on the market, but the highlight of this product is the ability to tilt the camera when performing vertical movements. Many other jibs will keep the camera horizontal which will cause you to lose tracking of your subject.

The Varavon Tilt Jib comes in it's own travel case, and setting up the system requires no tools. All assembly can be done by hand. The tilt function uses a cable system and requires you to have a strong fluid head and of course tripod system. The Varavon Tilt Jib base kits are available from a small 3ft version to much longer models, or you can always purchase an extension kits later down the line to increase your vertical. You can get more information about the Varavon Mini Tilt Jibs via eBay (click here).

Varavon Tilt Jib T1Varavon Tilt Jib T2Varavon Tilt Jib T3Varavon Tilt Jib T4
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9 thoughts on “Varavon Tilt Jib Assembly and Video Samples

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Paul C - It's possible to change the angle of the tilt with a static crane when you really need to get the shot, but I don't recommend this as it will throw the center of balance off and the crane becomes unstable.

  2. I ordered a T3 back in mid-Feb when they were having their special. I ordered a T2 cable and T4 extension so I could cover my bases as far as lengths go (which was a huge selling point) and while they sent it out pretty fast, It's been sitting at the USPS Customs office since Feb 22nd and no one's seen it since. Varavon and I are working to try and locate it, and they've been great in responding to my emails but it's been a huge inconvenience at the fault of USPS Customs.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @SP - The Aviator is more portable and lightweight, faster to setup. The Varavon can be purchased small, and can purchase optional extensions to go longer, and also has a tilt feature.

  4. the fluid head is needed because you need to tilt the head at the same time as tilting the jib to make the tilting function work (that was a mouthful).

    i'm kind of done with varavon stuff though. ordered a top block replacement for their slider from them, and it was supposed to come with a tension wrench. the wrench wasn't in the package, so i emailed them. no reply whatsoever. lousy customer service.

  5. Paul C

    To be honest I find the set up of this jib quite inconvenient due to the wires.

    Regarding the tilt feature. I can actually do the same with my carbon fiber jib by tilting the camera head up or down while the camera is moving.

  6. Scurvy

    Why does one need a fluid head for this? I mean, it would be better certainly, but a fluid head seems well short of necessary. Unless I'm missing something. Since I am a halfwit, me missing something is entirely possible.

  7. keenan

    Damn it feels good to be a gangsta! looks like a pretty cool rig. how's the Rokinon glass working out for you?

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