Varavon T1 T2 T3 T4 Tilt Jib Systems

Varavon is a company that offers a variety of different DSLR Video products from LCD ViewFinders, Shoulder Rigs, Video Cages, and of course well known for their Video Sliders. This time they have released various Tilt Jib systems labeled the T1, T2, T3, and T4 (model number dependent on size).

The T1 is the smallest mini jib at just 3.2 feet and the T4 version is the largest model stretching to 12.4 feet. The new Varavon Tilt Jibs offer a tilt head which is controlled by a cable system and tilting your video fluid. Judging from the photos, this isn't going to be a lightweight system compared to the other Carbon Fiber Cranes (seen here), but not many small jibs offer the Tilt Head option like the Varavon product.

You can check out additional photos and information can be found via eBay (click here)

Varavon T1 T2 T3 T4 Tilt Jib Crane System
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7 thoughts on “Varavon T1 T2 T3 T4 Tilt Jib Systems

  1. Here's a test I shot some time ago with the jib - shot with a GH2 - I've had an AF100 on there which is about the maximum weight but as long as you're using it sensibly it can do a great job.


  2. @Varavon: Thanks for clarifying but I still don't really trust single-bar systems due to the wooble. Especially if you need it for outdoor situations, where wind is another factor.

    But to be fair, you're right about the user problem. Normally we don't use single bar jibs at the weight end, rather we stand at the side of the camera and operate it from there for a more stable shot, although we won't be taking advantage of the full height it can reach.

    @Paul: Indeed, it's portable but there are many other options too. Like the carbon fibre portable 4ft mini crane jib. At least it has a lower bar instead of varavon's single bar with no additional support at the bottom. Carbon fibre would make it durable and lightweight as well. Or the Aviator jib is pretty decent too.


  3. Thanks for your attention. It is truth that two bar system is steady than a single bar system.

    But the POINT is that we use 2 wires pull on left and right meantime, which will minimize the wobble.

    It becomes not only steady but also offer a better price and weight. It makes your shooting more convenient.

    We hope Mr Paul Houston could try it once in person, then you will definitely know its advantages.

  4. I'd agree with Zane about the wobble. I've never seen a single bar system be as stable as two bar support. I'd love to give this a try though seeing as it looks so portable.

  5. Thanks for your comment on Varavon product.

    This video is not made by us but just by a Korean user.

    The wobble is not the problem of the product but due to the maker's skill.

    It is really sales well even dring the presell in Korean, we have sell more than 500 pcs within 2 months and get a really good feedback. The Tilt Jib already got a quality inspection certificate in Korea.

    I believe that you will do like it if you try it by personally

  6. I don't know if it's the user or the jib, but the sample footage just looks too woobly. I guess it's probably because it's single bar. From the sample footage alone, I wouldn't recommend it because woobly footage just doesn't project professionalism.

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