Varavon New Multi Finder LCD View Finder

Multi Finder Varavon DSLR

Varavon has released a new Multi Finder that is more compatible than their early versions which were very model specific. The new Multi Finder has more adjustments side to side, forward and back, as well as up and down to fit DSLRs from Canon and Nikon. The entire loupe can be removed to leave behind a sunshade, or remove the entire LCD Multi Finder with the quick release baseplate.

LCD View Finder DSLR VaravonVaravon LCD View Finder

Check out the new Varavon Multi Finder LCD View Finder for DSLRs via eBay (Click Here).

Varavon Multi Finder Nikon Canon DSLR VideoVaravon New Multi Finder LCD View Finder DSLR Video Canon Nikon
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6 thoughts on “Varavon New Multi Finder LCD View Finder

  1. imgpro615

    Cho, I think you make a very good point...I realised that very good point just yesterday when trying to shoot 'from the hip' and noticed there was no way other than having an articulating screen, external LCD, or a low angle finder...

    although I do not often shoot like that, it would have been nice to have the feature...but I still stand by the awesomeness of the VF3...low view mode notwithstanding, it is still the bees knees!!

  2. cho

    I think, Multi finder can be a low-angle,
    Other viewfinder can not see the low-angle.
    Low angle is a very powerful feature in the field,
    CarrySpeed VF3 is not to be compared with Varavon Multifinder.

  3. Alex

    I love my CarrySpeed (actually called Swivi here in Asia) VF3 as well. Worked great on a shoot last week. I actually found myself using it in shade rather than mag mode a lot more than I thought I would. Only thing I don't like about it is that is vignettes quite a bit when dialed in a particular way with the diopter. But, no worry, it is the first VF that I've seen that I can use with my glasses so that rocks.

  4. imgpro615

    ...emm, I understand and respect your journalistic obligation to bring another interesting piece of kit to the table for us your fanbase...but after the VF3, there kinda ARE no other finder options...

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