Varavon Loupe EX View Finder for GH3 Camera

Varavon has a small line of Loupe EX view finders for cameras with swing out LCD screens. They have been available for cameras such as the GH1/GH2, or cameras with a 3.2" swing out LCD such as the Canon 60D, T3i, T4i, etc.

Here's a look at the latest Varavon Loupe EX specifically for the GH3 camera. This loupe bracket design allows you to take advantage of articulating LCD screens when positioning up or down while safely preventing any damage to the hinge. More information about Varavon's Loupe EX View Finders can be found at via eBay (here)

Loupe EX View Finder
find-price-button Varavon Loupe EX View Finder Articulating LCD Screens

FOR USA customers, some versions of the Varavon Loupe EX view finders can be found via B&H (here).

find-price-button Varavon Loupe EX View Finders - via B&H

12 thoughts on “Varavon Loupe EX View Finder for GH3 Camera

  1. Nelson

    Got my one from Ebay, overall I quite like it since it can do angled view with GH3, though the right side of LCD is slightly cutoff

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Teemu - This one is great specifically for GH3. I tend to use several cameras and if I can only afford to get one, the VF-4 for my many different cameras is more versatile. The VF-4 can also mount to my Sony RX100 point and shoot.

  3. Ron Baselice

    @Teemu, I agree with Emm on the batter grip on video ,Its not needed. Battery life is great on the GH3's. I do use a battery grip on my second camera body dedicated for stills. Great for verticals...

  4. Teemu

    Yeah that's right. The relocating of tripod mount sucks.
    Which one would you choose, this Varavon loop or CarrySpeed VF4 loop?


  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Teemu - The battery grip on a GH3 is a great option, but you can really go almost a full day of shooting with one OEM GH3 Battery. So long as the battery door is accessible for a quick battery change, I don't think the Grip is entirely necessary. The grip also causes an issue with the tripod mount by relocating it to the far right. This is not a good mounting place especially for rigs and cages.

  6. So no batterygrip option, again...
    Maybe I should just forget the option to use lcdvf on my GH3. Or just stick with my external monitor. Edelkrone monitor arm that Emm posted few days ago might be a solution.. With monitor I'm changing articulating arm position all the time and it will slip some times.

    Emm: Did the CarrySpeed VF4 work with GH3+batterygrip and will it still fit inside the P&C Gearbox? And another question, which you prefre to use: external monitor or lcdvf? Or does it depend on the job (like run&gun=lcdvf / commercial=monitor)? Which one you are using more often?


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