Varavon Latest Birdycam Lite 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer with Encoders

Exciting news! The latest Gimbal stabilizer from Varavon is finally available today. We've been teased about this product over the last few weeks, and heard rumors earlier from the NAB2015 show. The new Birdycam Lite may be around 1/3rd lighter than the larger original Birdycam2 and is designed to work with today's ever shrinking cameras. Without the top handle, the Birdycam Lite gimbal frame itself is probably just around 3lbs.

Varavon Birdycam Lite Gimbal Stabilizer Encoders

They have a small list of suggested cameras that will work well such as the Sony alpha 7, Sony a6000, Panasonic GH3, Panasonic GH4, Canon 70D, Canon XC10, Nikon D3300, Samsung NX1, so you'll get an idea if your camera system will work well on the new Birdycam Lite. There's some really cool stand out features on this new gimbal such as a wireless joystick (included), and the ability to use it with the handles detached. This means mounting the gimbal to a Jib for remote PT (pan/tilt) operation should be a breeze.


The camera mount is also Manfrotto plate compatible so that you can quickly move your camera off the gimbal to your favorite Manfrotto accessory. This is something a lot of people have been asking for, and most will try to add a Manfrotto QR base if possible.

Probably the most stand out features for the Birdycam Lite Gimbal is the newly added Encoder hardware. This was a newly supported feature for SBGC gimbals, and is a night and day difference when it comes to efficiency and stabilization. We're starting to see that pretty much every new gimbal will start to incorporate this. Another stand out feature that some will get really excited about is the single arm design that leaves the (left) side of the camera's ports available for adding HDMI cables, Audio, and power cables.

There's a ton of info and specs over at the Varavon Birdycam Lite product page, so make sure to take a look (LINK).


20 thoughts on “Varavon Latest Birdycam Lite 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer with Encoders

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @JH - Yes it will work for both setups you listed. You can probablt even add a lens adapter and still be in range of weight limit.

  2. JH

    Planning to use this with a7s and a6300 with sony 16-35 f4 lens. Will it hold both? I suspect the a6300 & lens will be light enough but will it hold the a7s too?

  3. @Dan K, and everyone else using the Came Single or the Pilotfly H1+ what setups are you guys working with? What lenses? I just got my H1+ today and I have to say that the 1.2kg max capacity is way over stated. Maybe if it's all in the center, but with a heavy lens, like all of my rokinon glass that weighs about the same (600g) and the GH4, this thing is useless. Motors get really hot which makes me wonder how long they will last at max capacity. So, I think people need to be a bit more clear about what set up they are using that works so well and that they can hold all day long. I guess for my needs, I need fast cine lenses and they are all heavy... but I know so many people love the Rokinon lenses and they will be sadly disappointed by these hand held gimbals when they can't use their loved glass.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @David - I'll do a video based on this Birdycam Lite first, and then i'm sure people will ask questions about either one. One thing for sure, the Birdycam Lite has encoders, while the Mini2 does not. As far as SBGC gimbals go, that's what makes the entire system overall more stable and more efficient.

  5. Barry

    Yeah, I agree with Dan - get the Came Single over this. It's a great product.

    Dan, what kind of neck strap are you using to hold the gimbal?


  6. Manstok

    Okay my english is not that good, but this is what varavons website says about the delivery of this new birdycam:

    Before You Buy

    To avoid delivery day disappointments, measure the area you plan to place your new furniture in, as well as the furniture you have selected to purchase, before placing your order. Also measure any doorways (height and width) through which the furniture must pass to get to its final position in your home. Identify any delivery obstacles – is there enough ceiling clearance? Will the furniture clear the stairway or elevator? Can the piece be maneuvered around any right angles? Because of our commitment to providing you with outstanding customer service.


    We use EMS or Fedex depending on the destination of deleivery. It takes about 4 to 5 business days to receive the shipment

    I don't think this is the LITE version at all..

  7. Dan K

    To me, it doesn't really matter how light a gimbal is. What matters is how high you have to hold your hands and arms. If you must hold your hands at eye level or higher to get the shot, you simply cannot do that very long. Try holding your hands at forehead level with nothing in them for a minute. Now hold them at belly level. No hold a five pound weight (3 lb for the rig, 2 for the camera) at those heights. No contest.

    I own both a CAME 7500 in this form factor and the CAME-Single, which uses a low hold. The form factor for the CAME-Single (which also has encoders and fits the same cameras as this Birdy) is way better. By attaching a simple neck strap I can literally carry the CAME-Single all night without fatigue. It's also more compact for transportation and is much easier to balance.

    I never use the 7500 anymore. It's too big, too complex, too difficult to balance and takes larger, heavier LiPo batteries.

    That said, the advent of Encoders does some kind of magic that allows much longer run times with much smaller batteries, so this Birdy has that going for it. By the way, the battery for the Birdy is custom. The Single uses standard, cheap, small, readily available 18650 LithIon cells.

    The Single is my go-to system. If I'm handdolding, the camera is on the Single. Period. I only use a tripod for interviews now.

  8. Kevin

    I would use the Sony A7 Series. If it weighs less then the Ronin-M over all then it might be appealing. Hopefully it offers everything the Ronin-M has to offer.

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Kevin - The Ronin-M says it can hold more, and thisnis designed for smaller setups. What camera and lens are you planning to use?

  10. Derek McCabe

    Is there enough room on the mount to properly balance a small camcorder, rather than a DSLR typo form? Specifically the Sony AX-1000. The AX-1000 only weighs 915 g (with NP-FV70 battery) ... but is the "length" too long to fit in the mount balanced? The dimensions are 3.5 x 3.3 x 8.8" / 9.0 x 8.4 x 22.4 cm.

    Can anyone suggest a gimbal stabilizer for small cams?

  11. krys

    kinda pissed off at VARAVON.

    i have the regular birdycam2 (not this lite version) and the battery/power cable was bumped a bit. there's a loose connection now. i tested 2 batteries; its a power cable problem. i look at the actual power cable tip and it looks a bit loose. see video:


    i tried contacting them on facebook, they asked me to email another person for SERVICING/repair of gimbal. i emailed 3 different people. After showing them my problem i still havent gotten a response. 5 email attempts later. no response. Looking at their ebay reviews. it looks like they have communication problems there too.

    BEWARE of buying any Varavon product that uses Varavon batteries. one little bump. and the gimbal is handicapped. I can't tell from the website or the video if its still the same type of cable. they may have changed it to a 90 degree power tip/jack. I mean I can try to DIY it and solder my birdycam cable . . .

  12. JemD

    Why do so many gimbal demo vids show over cranked footage? Very hard to tell how effective a gimbal is if the footage is shot at 100fps

  13. I like the specs. I guess time and tests will tell how stable it is. I notice the sample footage is in slow-motion and it looks like shot with and Oly OMD... w/ 5 axis stabilization... We shall see. The price and features look good!

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @T2 - Yes the handles are slightly wider. But the handles break down into 5 different pieces, so it can pack up much smaller. As far as the width of each handle, those can slide along the bar, so you can place them at the very ends, or closer together. Once assembled it may appear slightly wider, but in reality it packs up nice and small. Look at the bag they use to pack it together, it's a nice system for traveling.

  15. Emm

    Post author

    @OldCorpse - I get what you're saying, and I it's understandable to build up cameras to get best results. But to be fair, Panasonic makes the GH4 and a ton of native lenses. They don't make the adapter, the lens, or the ND Filter. Regardless of weight, the fact that the camera body + lens combination you have will probably just make it too long (let alone too heavy) to even fit in a small frame like this. I guess what would be the best if we were suggested best Camera + Lens combinations, but with so many variables that's going to be a tough one. I have one here so I can test a few things out to see where I think it could best perform.

  16. AndersM

    Do you know if this works in inverted mode? I'd like to see more inverted gimbals like the the Letus Helix, and with the ability to attach a qr plate to the bottom. Makes it very easy to put on a tripod and you have an instant motorized head. Also you don't need a stand to balance it.

    The Nebula 4200 looks like it might be a nice option for this as well.

  17. OldCorpse

    There's Lite and there's "too light". I appreciate that they want to fill the need for smaller cameras, but it's tricky. F.ex. they say that the GH3/GH4 are OK - but that means nothing without lenses, filters, adapters and so on. The max. weight bearing ability is 1.5KG. But take for example a combination which many would use: GH4 + battery + card + Sigma 18-35 f/1.8 + MTSpeedBooster + VND filter and you get: 560g + 811g + 172g + 100g = 1643g or some 143g above max weight. Now, maybe that 143g is not going to kill it, but it does push it above spec. You can't just specify a camera, without taking into account possible lens and accessories combinations. I think a max of 1.8KG would be perfect, but it's an interesting product regardless. I don't see it specifically mentioned, but I assume it's fully tool-less adjustments?

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