Varavon 815FH Video Fluid Head Overview

A few months back, you might have noticed Varavon had released an 815FH Video Fluid Head. I just received this unit for review, so I here's a quick run through some of the features. The unit is all metal and carries a good amount of weight to it. It feels pretty solid. This is a standard flat base to attach on common video tripods that offers a 3/8" mount.

The movement of the head is fluid, but just like other brands of fluid heads under $130 bucks, this DOES NOT offer variable Pan/Tilt drag adjustment. One small convenient feature is that it offers a type of counter-balance which can help to prevent your camera from falling forward, and also help control your tilt movements by adding counter resistance. The 815FH quick release plate is also proprietary to this head, something to keep in mind if you're thinking of moving your camera around to different rigs. More information on t the Varavon 815FH Video Fluid Heads can be found via eBay (here).

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3 thoughts on “Varavon 815FH Video Fluid Head Overview

  1. Simon

    Well, this is basicaly the Fancier FC-02H head, no ? The one found on FC-270/FC-270A tripods ? Except this one doesn't have the bowl mount.

  2. Chi Lee

    That's the same top section as a Fancier FC-02H (the head from the FC-270A tripod), but without the bowl and extending handle. Neither company sell the QR plates as spares, but I assume the aftermarket plates from P&C will fit.


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