Upgraded Rosette Adapters for Boltzen 30w 55w LED Lights

These new Rosette Adapters fit over the CAME-TV Boltzen 55w and 30w LED Lights Yoke so that it has a more positive lock when adding the Bowens mount adapter and an accessory (such as a softbox). This will prevent the Boltzen 55w / 30w light from sagging or losing position.

While I think these Rosette Adapters can solve many problems when adding certain accessories, keep in mind that these are small 'spot lights' optimized to throw light to a distance and focus a narrow beam. These weren't meant to be big key lights and adding too heavy a softbox could add unnecessary strain to these portable lights. Right now these are only available when purchasing the optional Bowens adapter, as you won't need them when operating these lights 'as is'.

Came-TV Optional Bowens Mount for Boltzen 30w 55w Yoke Rosette

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