Update on GoPro HD Underwater Focus

Vouliagmeni blue hole (Greece) from Dean Linaras on Vimeo.

Not even a day later, I just got a message back from GoPro themselves, I love their super fast support responses. The above video was added to the email back to me as an example of the fix they are working on. It does appear to be much much more sharper than orginal curved lens footage:

Hi Emm,
Due to the curved lens of the waterproof housing for the HD HERO camera and standard def Wide HERO cameras, you will notice a slight loss of sharpness/focus to underwater images. In video mode with the standard def camera this is not very noticeable due to the lower resolution. With the HD HERO camera this becomes more evident at the higher resolution. We are developing a flat glass adapter / housing specifically for underwater use, thus allowing for the same image sharpness that you enjoy with your GoPro camera above water. Please sign up for our newsletter to receive an update for new product releases.

So officially GoPro Cameras is aware of the underwater Focus and aware of a Flat Lens fix. The question now i'm sure everyone is wondering about is ETA. The R&D process for mass manufacturers can sometimes be a bit slow, but you should definitely sign up for the GoPro Camera Newsletter to stay informed of their updates.

Don't let this stop your vacations. If you're impatient and want to get better underwater focus with your GoPro HD, the options are DIY it yourself, or let someone experienced like EyeOfMine Multimedia prepare a housing for you.

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2 thoughts on “Update on GoPro HD Underwater Focus

  1. heyu

    Sorry to say, but they linked to that video because they were showing how it looks in mode 1 for the HD camera. That was taken 7 months ago as well.

  2. itsjohnny

    Am I the only one that has an issue with GoPro's Newsletter webpage? I don't see anything but a white blank page.

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