Unusual Shoulder Rest for Cameras


Yup, that's the official name 'Shoulder Rest for Cameras' according to DealExtreme. Thanks to Brett for sharing this unusual support thing. I'm not sure if it's DSLR worthy, but for small shooters like the Sony NEX or light four-thirds cameras it might make a slight difference as a shooter rig. Telescoping adjustable rod, expandable claw foot, quick release adapter, and even comes with a bag. I'll personally pass on this, but it's always nice to share. Who knows, this may stir up some new DIY ideas for us. Possibly use the rod for the Double L bracket fig rig? Thanks Brett, and here's the link to DealExtreme.com

One thought on “Unusual Shoulder Rest for Cameras

  1. Scott

    @Emm - Do you know what kind of plate mounts in this things QR? Can you recommend a plate for this thing? I would want to mount a 577 QR to it. This actually looks intriguing for the way I shoot with IS lenses.

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