Unusual New Battery Grips for 550D / T2i


Thanks to a tip, I was pointed out to these NEW weird looking grips. Appears to have infrared built into the grip, for what? This unit does come with a remote for just $29.95 + Free Shipping (no batteries), my only guess is that the Remote is using that Infrared area on the grip. If that were the case, they should have just designed the infrared to the 'Rear' of the grip allowing users to shoot from front or back with a standard infrared remote. Thanks for 'NOT' thinking that one through people.

You can find these grips starting as low as $29.95 + Remote + Free shipping, or at $49.95 + Remote + 4 Batteries + Free shipping. I'll try to find more information on these, because they do sound too good to be true at those prices, but the seller has incredible feedback on eBay, so all can't be bad. Check out the new T2i / 550D Battery Grip surfacing on eBay, click here.

They also have other grips for Nikon, Sony, and other Canons found here.

18 thoughts on “Unusual New Battery Grips for 550D / T2i

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  2. dang,i wish i had read this first.just sent off order for one of these then i read this ,checked my order and it takes the lp-e5 batteries too. sent off a note to seller to see if its to late to cancel

  3. Victor

    @Nick, they responded very well about the refund and I just received mine today (after sending it on sat).

  4. Nick

    Man! I wish I saw your comments before I bought mine. I just this grip delivered yesterday... and the batteries don't fit. BOO! I want a refund, how did the seller respond you guys?

  5. j

    Does not take correct batteries.
    Shame too.
    I paid through paypal and realized the po box extra charge. they refunded my money, I edited my paypal account to reflect my home address and repaid. they were great about it.
    when i got the box and popped it open only to reveal batteries didn't work I was so disapointed. I just emailed the guy and will report back when i learn anything.

  6. Victor

    Yup, it definitely takes lp-e5 and that does not work. I guess cheap price tag doesn't always warrant impulse buys. Will be returning.

  7. charles

    got mine and it takes lp-e5 not 8. gonna see if i can return mine cause the batteries.

  8. Victor

    I just received mine and like josh, the batteries don't fit. I'm really upset at this. I guess I'll try to contact the seller too.

  9. Got the battery grip yesterday. Felt very plasticy, but when can you expect for $30. MY BATTERIES DON'T FIT INSIDE. Neither the aftermarkets or the Canons can fit into the battery compartment. I just contacted the seller. Not sure if mine just happens to be defective of if they're all like this. I'll update here and let you know what happens.

  10. Kevin

    HajLender why is that a deal breaker, you shoot a lot of greenscreen medium shots? I got my grip just for the 2x battery power.

  11. As I see on pictures it does not have the wheel button used for aperture/shutter speed setting behind the shutter button... it is a dealbreaker fo me.

  12. admin

    Post author

    Haha, I normally review stuff that I use. I don't need another one of these things. Unless they shipped it for free? Hmm..maybe i'll contact them on that.

  13. lex

    the back of it look cheap... i hope the other grips drop in price. when you going to review this one chessycam???

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