Unboxing and Overview of Aputure Tri8 C LED Light Panel with 888 LED Bulbs

The 'Tri8' (triple 8) is a new LED Light Panel from Aputure that jams 888 LED bulbs into a panel roughly measuring 10"x8". If you're familiar with their Amaran line of panels such as the AL528 or HR672, this is pretty much inline with those models, except that they've taken the build quality from their higher end LS1 panels.

This particular Tri8C model from Aputure I received feels like it has a concentrated beam angle which is good for getting your lights to reach a bit further. Though, I wouldn't be surprised if they offered different versions of this light with varying beam angles, as they've been known to do with their other panels (i.e. 672S vs 672C vs 672W).

On the Tri8 light you have a clamp for a power brick (which can be swapped to a v-mount plate), color temp adjustments from 2300K-6800K, brightness dimmer knob, dedicated on/off rocker switch, and a battery meters that display Hour+Minutes instead of just a graphic icon.

The LED panel is powered via a D-tap cable either from a mounted V-Mount battery, from the included AC to D-Tap power adapter, or by using dual Sony L-Series Batteries. They've included a set of Sony NPF-960 batteries as part of the kit. Your Sony batteries can be recharged by mounting it to the Tri8 panel and plugging into AC power.

Compared to their popular LS1 Lightstorm Panels, the big difference here is that you can power the Tri8 from Sony L-Series (NP-F) Batteries or V-Mount batteries. The LS1 can only be powered via V-Mount. Also the Tri8 has all of the controls built into the panel, as opposed to a separate controller box that you need to hang.

As of this writing, the Aputure Amaran Tri8 LED light is still not available. But i'll update this post once they have it listed.

6 thoughts on “Unboxing and Overview of Aputure Tri8 C LED Light Panel with 888 LED Bulbs

  1. Post author

    @Sugimasa Yamashita - No it does not have the D-Tap port out. You must use a battery with D-Tap out. This is a bit of an inconvenience. I have many batteries that won't work also. The ones that will work for sure are from CAME-TV. They either come off the proper side, or they come off the top of the battery. Either one will work: httpss://www.came-tv.com/collections/batteries

  2. Sugimasa Yamashita

    Thank you for the review. It gives me really good idea about this Tri8. I am very interested in to buy this light, but I have one concern about the v-mount adopter.

    So, This v-mount adopter doesn't give the D-tab port? and it just hold the battery, that's all? Or, it has D-tab port, but because it locates the other side of release button so you can not use it? Because my V-mount battery doesn't have any D-tab port, seems like I can not use my battery...

  3. Anna Woch

    Hi Emm, thanks a lot for all your reviews and useful information!

    We are hesitating between buying the Tri-8 and the Lightstorm LS1 lights... In terms of luminosity, is there a big difference between the two?

  4. Post author

    @Rob Norton - As I was unpacking in the video I quickly show that it comes with a tilting stand adapter (with pin). So you would add that piece under the panel to tilt.

  5. Rob Norton

    Looks good Emm!

    Is it a 1/4 20 on the bottom? How do you tilt the light on a stand, would you use some sort of ballhead?

    Do you think you could use the 1/4 20 just to hold a spud or something as a surface to clip diffusion? I think the softbox makes it too bulky and would rather attach diffusion sheets.


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