TrekPak – A Better Way to Organize Gear in Pelican Hard Cases

Just about every single person I know who travels with equipment has at least a Pelican 1510 Rolling Hard Case. It's Carry-On size makes it perfect for bringing your gear onto a flight without having to risk damage or having it lost from baggage handlers.

A while back I purchased some pluck-foam inserts for my Pelican cases, but noticed I was not using them as much. Once pluck-foam is customized, you really can't make use of the hard case for an entirely new set of equipment - unless you purchase new pluck foam.

I love my Pelican cases, but they are too expensive to just be laying around and dedicated to one thing. I needed a better, easier, more modular organizing system. Of course there are padded dividers which use velcro to move around, but there's something far better out there and it's called TrekPak. Check out the video below.

So while I can't say it's cheap, the value is what you get in the long run instead of having to buy endless amounts of pluck foam. You'll most likely end up using your cases more often and the inserts are easier to reconfigure than velcro organizers. The TrekPak inserts are incredibly modular allowing you to utilize every possible inch of storage in your hard case. Right now TrekPak has complete kits available for a variety of Pelican | Storm Hard Cases. You can find a full list of TrekPak Kits available via B&H (click here).

trekpak pelican organizer lining padding kittrekpak pelican organizer lining padding kit 2
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If you're looking for a rock solid rolling hard case to take on a flight, you gotta take a look at the Pelican 1510.

Pelican 1510 Case
find-price-button Pelican 1510 Carry On Size Roller Hard Case

Now someone mentioned about 'loose articles' floating around the bag. Don't forget you can always get cheap plastic Plano tackle boxes for small batteries and media cards, or even Padded Lens Cases to house and protect your small items like wireless receivers, cables, etc.

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10 thoughts on “TrekPak – A Better Way to Organize Gear in Pelican Hard Cases

  1. alan b

    If these would go down in price, I'd get them right away. I think I'll struggle through my degrading foam for as long as I can.

  2. The annoyance of foam is one of the reasons I've tended to store all my gear in photographer bags, with adjustable Velcro compartments instead. So, really great to learn about the TrekPak option -- even though, for me, realistically, it's pretty far down the wishlist of equipment.

    One quick thought on foam: I've never tried this, but apparently it's possible to glue bits of your old foam together to form new compartments, instead of buying a whole new piece and plucking out the shape again, though I wonder if anyone has ever bothered going to that much effort...

  3. If you are constantly reconfiguring your equipment, then those might make more sense. Especially for you, that you are constantly changing and testing new equipment. I try to keep my video equipment for at least two seasons, so my 1610s now basically house the same DSLRs and lenses as last year. These inserts seem like a great idea, but at current prices are too expensive for my use.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Apostolos - I can see your point, and that would make sense if your gear is pretty static. In my situation I travel quite a bit and always use different gear at every location. So I need to reconfigure my cases several times a week. This system lets me do that without having to buy or sell anything ever again.

  5. I faced the same problem, having a few 1610/1650 cases and over the years having gone from traditional 3-chip video cameras, to DSLRs, to now second generation DSLRS. Some of my Pelicans are more than ten years old, still completely functional, except for the foam. Not having seen these packs from up close, they seem like a great idea, but unfortunately they don't make sense financially. A brand new 1610 case at B&H costs $197 shipped, or $179 without foam. So you're not saving a whole lot getting them without foam. The TrekPak for the 1610 costs $145! You throw in another fifty bucks and you get a brand new $1610 with foam! A quick search on Ebay will show that used 1610s without foam sell for well over $100 on Ebay! So, if you sell the old 1610 on Ebay, you can get a brand new one with foam for much less than getting one of these packs. If they brought the price down to around $60-70, it might be a different story. Oh, custom-sized replacement foam for the 1610 is about $72 but you can find sellers online who would sell replacement foam (not in custom sizes for Pelican cases) for much less.

  6. Mischa

    I've been using these things for a while and they are awesome! Expensive indeed, especially if you are ordering from Europe. But they are working on getting this on Amazon uk as well I believe.

  7. Rob S.

    Yeah, I never liked pick and pluck foam because it degrades over time and then gets into everything. I think all open cell foam shreds after a while. These Trekpak dividers look like closed cell foam which would be great. Do the dividers stay in place pretty well?

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