Transcend 32GB 400x Compact Flash Cards on Order


If you cruise on down to the article post, you'll catch some comments about the Transcend 32GB 400x Compact flash cards. After a wedding this past weekend shooting three cameras, I realized I needed a bit more space. I was originally going to order the Sandisk Extremes since there was an ongoing Mail In Rebate, but the prices on these Transcends were much better (without Mail In Rebate).


It took a bit of convincing through the comments section, but you guys have me convinced to work with these. I also checked out reviews over at and it's almost a full 5 star rating. We price matched against NewEgg, Amazon, and it turns out that came out with the cheapest price for these Transcend 32GB 400x Compact Flash cards. My order is in with Next Day Air, i'll test it this weekend to see how they perform. Really though, I feel quite confident after all the comments and reviews i've been reading and recieving.

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11 thoughts on “Transcend 32GB 400x Compact Flash Cards on Order

  1. J Toha

    Just a couple weeks ago, it was selling for $70-80 a piece. Now it's gone way up to the insane mountain. Hmm should have stocked up a few last time 🙁

  2. Alin

    I've bought 2 of 32Gb Transcend 400x, and I'm very pleased. I'm shooting with an HVR-Z7, hdv footage. The speed, indeed is only 233x, but for me it is more than enough. They are the only cards the price is going down so far compared with the other brands.

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  4. Serge

    I think you made the right choice.
    Like I said my 32gig tracends are only 233x and they work like magic on my nano uncompressed video capture so @ 400x you should be even more in the clear. Philip bloom uses transcend cards for a lot of his work, and he's working with George Lucas files mind you, if thats not trust then I don't know what is.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    Jared, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I agree, all it takes is one bad experience. It's like me and 'Shrimp Chow Mein in Lobster Sauce' from Eggroll King in Daly City. You don't want to know....

    I don't think I had problems with Transcend, but had many many problems with no name brand cards. I'm hoping times have changed with these particular 400x card, and might get some good use out of it. I'm still weary so i'll use them as much as possible on my random adventures before putting them to use on a client.

  6. Allan

    Dave that's funny you mention the envelope, because Newegg, for small items ( does this also) like CF cards, they'll use a small padded envelope and ship via DHL for their free "slow" delivery method. That's how I got my Transcend CF cards. B&H will use a box.

  7. The Transcend cards are scary! I lost footage with one SD card I had to borrow on a hang gliding rig. I only use Sandisk or another recoverable type card. We had to shell out $100 to get some of the footage back.

  8. Allan

    I wonder if it's possible with the current hardware (write speed, cpu power, etc.) on the cameras. Would raw be uncompressed footage at 2 Mpixels or 1920x1080, or say for the 5D Mark II, a full 21Mpixels, or 5616 x 3744? (5.6K). Raw file sizes would be ridiculous at either resolution. Red One footage at 4K (about 12 Mpixels) is around a massive 35MB/second with their compression, compared to 5.5MB/sec with the Canon DSLRs, 4.3MB for XDCAM EX, 12.5MB/sec for P2 DVCPRO HD, etc.

  9. Allan

    Well done Emm. I think you'll enjoy the card and it's a great value. The 64GB Transcend 400x cards work well also, and it's up to shooters who want to "put there eggs in one basket", or not fill up the full capacity of the card and offload with any capacity card. Now if only Canon (and especially Nikon) could give us raw video capability.

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