Timelapse Panning Rig

Timelapse videos are cool, but panning and moving Timelapse videos are the coolest. Check out Dynamic Perceptions Stage Zero Motorized rig for motion Timelapse videos. Sean Stiegemeier used the prototype v2.1 to produce his stunning footage of the legendary Iceland volcano video at: https://vimeo.com/11673745. Very cool stuff, something I want to try, but I doubt i'll get the chance to shoot something as interesting as an Iceland Volcano. The best Timelapse video I might be able to provide you is my non-landscaped dirt filled backyard growing weeds this summer. No word on pricing yet, but i'll let you know as soon as I hear something.

3 thoughts on “Timelapse Panning Rig

  1. Josh,

    You probably already got a response from Jay, but the target price is $799 for the 6' setup, ready-to-run.

    You're welcome to knock-off the design, of course. If one wants to compete by just hiring cheaper labor and doing pretty much the exact same thing, sure. But low price, open designs, DIY friendly, and easy modification have been our goal. We've been providing info on DIY moco rigs for some time, firmware, software, electronic design, etc. on our other website: https://www.openmoco.org/

    Admin - stop by openmoco.org, we (DP, and friends and interested parties) have been showing how to DIY moco rigs for some time =)


  2. Any idea on cost? I emailed them, but no reply yet.

    If it doesn't seem reasonable, I'll start making them too....

    (previous carrier was in product development...we had equipment like this in our production facility, used for other purposes of course).


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