Timecode Sync Multiple Panasonic GH4 Cameras Multi-Cam Editing FCPX

Whenever possible, I find audio the best way to sync up multiple cameras. But there are times when audio is either not clear enough to sync, or perhaps the cameras you are using are shooting video coverage in different rooms. This is where Timecode comes in handy, and it's always a good idea to set this in your camera for a backup solution.

If you merely just laid video clips together on a timeline, you could not account for the period of time each of the cameras were shut off or not recording. When using Timecode to sync, you can at least have all of your video clips laid out in a linear fashion according to when each video clip was shot.

Here's a method on how you can get Timecode in sync with multiple Panasonic GH4 cameras. Using the Image App on your mobile device, you can click over on the GEOTagging option and sync the time of your GH4 to your mobile device. Then you can do the same on every camera.

Timecode set in this manner may not be frame accurate when creating your Multicam clips, but once it's all laid out, you can merely nudge your video clips around to get them synced up perfectly. If you have similar audio between all cameras, you could use the options for both Timecode and Audio sync and that should get you frame by frame accuracy. Just remember to set each camera's framerate exactly the same (i've made that mistake a few times...).

If you need to have frame by frame accuracy Timecode generated between cameras, you'll need to opt for a Timecode Generating device. Probably the most inexpensive one you can get today is the Tentacle Sync (found here).

Learn-More-sm Tentacle Sync Timecode Generator

These devices can really help save you a ton of time in post if you're doing long hours of footage and shooting with multiple cameras. But this investment in those same Timecode Generating devices can also be used on some inexpensive audio recorders (i.e. Zoom F4 / Zoom F8) so that you can also throw your recorded audio files into your Multicam Edit.

6 thoughts on “Timecode Sync Multiple Panasonic GH4 Cameras Multi-Cam Editing FCPX

  1. Chris

    Thanks for this syncing vid! I followed the instructions you gave, and was able to sync both GH4s. However, when I turned them off, then back on again, neither were synched with the current time anymore. Did I miss something?

  2. This is a great tip! Thank, Emm! I recently received a Zoom F4 recorder which has that BNC input for LTC timecode. I think that as long as i can get close (within a frame or two) for both cameras and the audio recorder, I'll be good to go.
    I'll sync up both cameras using the app on my Android phone they way you suggested, and I'm going to output the LTC audio from that same phone via a free LTC timecode app. 3.5mm connector to BNC input into the F4. That way all devices will be synced to the same time.
    Think that might work? I'll try it anyways and let you know!

  3. Post author

    @Dennis Kane - I work on a fully (fully fully) loaded Mac Desktop. 4K runs like butter on here, no problems with 4K. I also shoot a lot of RAW on the URSA Mini 4.6K so I need a good computer. I don't edit with proxy files at all, and I disabled FCPX from creating proxy files (eats up drive space).

  4. Dennis Kane

    Great work EMM, thank you for this. Do you shoot in 4K and if so does the rendering of the 4K files slow you down in editing ? Do you use proxy files instead ?
    Thank you

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