The $99 3″ LCD View finder goes $49


It's the 3" LCD View Finder I posted about back in July found here: This item was rare at the time, and then when it became popular it sold for $99 bucks. I stopped talking about it because at $99 dollars, it didn't sound like too much of a deal. For more information on this particular view finder, check out Jeff Pepito's blog entry here:

Well it looks like sales must have gone down and the LCDVF clone threw this one for a loop forcing them to bring prices down. The listing now comes to $49.00 dollars + free shipping, making it possibly the cheapest 3" LCD Viewfinder for DSLR's available. Even if it's not for video, the $49 dollars might be worth getting if you're a photographer who needs a clear view of the LCD screen on bright sunny days. The funniest thing I noticed right away, is the details of the auction still says "Affordable smart price $99.99 Free Shipping". Yeah i'm sure they'll figure that out soon and correct it. Here's the link to the store carrying the 3" LCD Viewfinder


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18 thoughts on “The $99 3″ LCD View finder goes $49

  1. Emm

    Post author

    None that I know of, but this is a DIY website. I'm sure gluing black material inside wouldn't be a difficult task for most. LOL

  2. Martin

    I got it in the mail yesterday. Actually I like it. I'm gonna use it for my T2i, but I'm still waiting on the lcd protector because this LCD viewfinder is for 5D and 7D.
    It has a big old nice rubber eye cup. It came with a strap and a cleaning cloth. It's built of some sort of hard plastic and the inside (this I like very much because I was concern when I saw pictures of the LCDVF clone) is covered by some black fabric so you don't see much of a reflection of the image on your LCD in the inside of your LCD view finder.
    It also came with 1 magnetic frame, the magnets are stronger that what I was expecting (I don't know how strong are in others LCDVFs).

    Are others LCD view finders covered in the inside with black cloth?

  3. Emm

    Post author

    It is for video, I was just mentioning that even if you buy it, and don't like it for video, it's still a good price and can function for photography use.

  4. Jason

    I'm going to do the clone+lcd glass protector combo. I got the lcd protector last week but for some reason it was already opened and scratched (not terribly, still very usable). So they're sending me another one. I'm going to use the spare one and try attaching the standard 3" clone it..Between what you and some users said..I think it should work out fine..I got 2 lcd protectors afterall..nothing to lose

  5. Emm

    Post author

    Ryan is talking about a 'possible' two weeks for a 3/2 version to be released for 550D. The 550D / T2i has a different sized LCD. It's about 2mm wider than the 5DM2 and 7D. If anyone cares, that's been the generic response from the seller. Months can pass, they'll probably still tell you two weeks...

  6. Emm

    Post author

    I don't have the latter. I have only the LCDVF and LCDVF replica. This other is a bit larger in size, has a larger eyecup, but I've heard good things about it. Maybe you can ask Jeff Pepito about his experience with it.

  7. Jason

    Sorry $70*

    Ryan, what seller are you using for the LCDFV? The one that Emm links dont seem to have a 2week backorder? Am I missing something?

  8. Jason

    So I was about to buy the LCDVF clone for $80..

    Whats better, this or the clone? I don't mind spending the extra $30 if the clone is better..

    Let me know

  9. elbee

    Cost of materials is probably $5, if they throw out all the unneeded accessories. Eventually, I think we're looking at a race to the bottom with $14.99 for LCD VFs.

  10. Kenswift

    I have one of these. They are great. Only came with 1 frame though. For 49 bucks shipped its a STEAL!

  11. Ryan

    Seller says 2weeks on the T2i LCDVF Clone... Might have to wait this one out and put down the additional 20bucks. Even with the GGS III glass protector, I'm thinking I'll wait.. Why can't I just have it now!!!

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