Tascam DR-05 Review Video

One of the first videos on YouTube regarding the new Tascam DR-05.

Tascam DR-05 Portable Recorder

zoom h1 recorder
Zoom H1 Portable Recorder

It's not quite the tiny package the Zoom H1 might be, in fact it looks about as big as the Zoom H4n. The build quality (at least from the videos) looks awesome, and looks to have more a few more features over the Zoom H1. Hopefully i'll have one in my hands soon to do a side by side comparison on build quality and size with the Zoom H1, and then put them through a few audio tests.

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14 thoughts on “Tascam DR-05 Review Video

  1. Ernie

    Just bought my Tascam DR-05 but the built-in speaker is really weak.. is it normal? or I have a defective unit?

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Hal Margoli - Try this LAV. It's cheap and it's a great start to learning how to MIC with LAV's. Not the best on the Market, but it will totally eliminate ambient noise and isolate the subject. httpss://cheesycam.com/need-for-speed-hot-pursuit-bts-interview/

  3. Hal Margoli

    Thank you.

    But I'd still like to know what my options are for a cheap good lav mike. I'll try the software thingie too as well.

    You dudes who work on hollywood movies who give us no static and b-ground noises are gods!

  4. SkunkWorks


    Most popular audio editing software has noise reduction functionality where you let it take a sample (profile) of the noise by itself and then it uses its algorithms to use that profile to filter itself out of an audio signal that later contained that noise plus your subject. For the best results, you'd want to take a stand alone recording of the noise by itself if you can before you begin recording your subject... and you'd want to record it from the same position you'll be recording your subject. Works best on constant contiguous sounds... motors, electrical hum, road noise etc. I've even had decent success filtering out wind and other rumbling noises.

  5. Rabby

    Tascam Recorder looks much sturdier then the Zoom H1, to me personally when I use Zoom H1 it looks bit cheap, Plasticky...

  6. Background Noise!!! One of my headaches.

    I'm a location scout/manager in LA and when we do our shoots the sound man always comes to me and says... what can we kill?!

    Fridges: turn them off....but take out the food from the fridge and get them somewhere else. Why? Bc if the food goes bad that could be $10 to $1500 in l&d (loss and damage)
    my sound guy killed an industrial fridge in a bar and we lost $2,000 worth of food...we had to cover the cost.

    air purifiers: just turn them off

    air conditioners: turn them off

    the switch above the ac and heat in your apt or house: turn it off... you will notice a definite difference in sound in your space. a tiny hum will disappear.

    If you can cover windows...do it...furniture blankets buffer noise. Put them over doors or windows.

    Lawn mowers? Big movies... be very mindful...stopping him now while rehearsing means he'll have to finish when you are shooting. if you need a minute for a shot, ask nicely... offer cans of coke/sprite and bags of chips and let them know the minute they can start up again.

    These fancy pants recorders can record clean dialogue BUT they can also record clean CAR REVING or clean Refridgerator hum...

  7. Mo Kim

    Wow, nice, Glad I didnt get the H1. I like the adjustable tempo play back. I might get one to use as an MP3 player because; I like to adjust tempos to my mp3's

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Hal Margoli - Different situations require different audio setups. Whenever possible unplug the refrigerator. If there is way too much background noise, I would personally sneak a LAV microphone as close to the subject as possible. You can dial down the levels to pick up only what is very close to the LAV microphone and less ambient noise. For this setup, you would still require a recording device like the Tascam or Zoom recorders.

  9. Hal Margoli

    I'd like to know how you guys weed out the background static noise like refrigerators, A/C, cars revving, or just anything that is like a low background hum.

    Do these fancy pants recorders have an option to adjust what to filter out as "noise" so that you can just get a clean audio clip of speech or music? Or do you need additional software to painstakingly remove it?

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Patrick - The Tascam is still new so it's hard to say which would be the better of the two. It still looks like the Zoom H1 is smaller. The Zoom H1 has been out for a while now, and there's tons of people using it in their work flow. If you kept the Zoom H1, I don't think it would be a bad thing. It's still a great little recorder.

  11. Patrick

    Hi sorry this IS a repost, but it looks like the topic may shift over to here.

    So my Zoom H1 just came in, and was wondering if you guys thought it would be safe to exchange it via B&H just based on the specs. I just don’t want to clipped from the 15 day return policy. I still have time though.

    Any insight is appreciated.

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