Tamron Branding in DSLR’s

Tamron is really throwing their name around with the new lineup of VC lenses. The above video is one of the tutorials found at the Tamron Youtube channel. I actually own the same lens shown in this video (if that's the 18-270mm), and have to admit it's one of my most favorite travel lenses. The VC I can vouch for, works awesome, and works well for video too. You won't get the super sharpness of a prime and the focus ring is a bit noisy and stiff, but Tamron is doing a great job with their pricing too. Check out the Tamron YouTube channel for other great DSLR tips.

One thought on “Tamron Branding in DSLR’s

  1. Sonny

    Thanks! I'll admit, I can be a brand loyalist sometimes. I've been hearing great things about Tamron lenses and am really considering getting one (the price is a big factor.)

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