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Ok, someone asked about mounting the Zoom H1 on your camera's hot shoe. This is cool, it's a compact setup, but I highly suggest that you first grab a $12.00 dollar L Bracket or two which will not only move the Zoom's Mic a few inches away from the camera noise, but give you an extra handle for stabilization, and an additional 2 shoe accessory mounts. Here's the T2i with a handle next to the Zoom H1.

IMG_8270 - Copy

Below: Here's an image shared by Chuckarama using two L brackets and a Flash Bracket

Now that you're all setup, I peeked around some of the camera websites and boy these adapters aren't cheap. They go for as little as $20.00 dollars to as much as $200 dollars for articulating arm types. Me being the frugal shopper, I jump on over to my normal wheel and deal spot - eBay. Low and behold! There's a hundred different types starting from as low as $1.00 dollar. Even heavy metal crafted gear. Hate to say it, but most of the designs look like the ones sold from the big boys, and possibly could be.

Above: Pro-Type Shoe Mount - This is the one I like most

This is a good article to share, make sure to link back to this. It's going to save a few bucks for a whole bunch of people and that adds up to a lot of dollars. So here's the link, jump on over and find yourself a good Shoe mount for your Zoom H1 or H4n.

find-price-button variety of shoe mounts