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Wondlan released a new Wireless follow focus system for DSLR Video. Here you can find more photos and specific specs about the WFF for under $1600 dollars via eBay (click here). Yeah I know that's pretty expensive, but is it really a Wondlan Product? There's other sellers who offer the same unit for much cheaper.

Follow Focus Wondlan Wireless

The receiver looks quite beastly, but they state it has a range of 300 meters. The remote can start / stop video via Infrared (required for some Canon cameras) and you can also program up to 4 focus points. Asking price from the cheaper sellers still too expensive starts around $950 dollars but there isn't very many other options at this price point for video wireless follow focus systems. Find the new WFF through the eBay product page (click here).

Wondlan wireless follow focus systemwondlan follow focus
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Video demo from Vimeo member claire showcases the Wondlan Sniper Rods, BasePlate, and Follow Focus. I still can't get over the color, and the price isn't very competitive with what's on the market currently. I just got news that the RJ Budget Follow Focus is getting a special baseplate mount. This means that the Follow Focus can be used without rails. We'll start seeing that pop up soon, unless someone already knows where to find it.

Wondlan Sniper Follow Focus
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