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Not too long ago, sending wireless video to a remote monitor was expensive and mainly a need for professional camera systems. In the industry today, 'professional' camera systems has been redefined. You'll find professionals working with a variety of smaller mirrorless systems, but most of which offer an HDMI output video feed only. And that's where companies like Hollyland are providing more affordable products for wireless video.

The new Mars 300 is a great option for an affordable Wireless Video Kit targeted to those working with cameras that only require HDMI inputs. If you work with various cameras, Hollyland does offer more expensive systems that offer SDI, Pass through, Cross Conversion, longer range, lower latency, etc.

With the Mars 300 you'll get a system that works up to 300ft Line-of-Sight Range, up to 1080p 60 Uncompressed signal, a loop-out on the transmitter (in case you want to attach a second monitor), and powered by standard Sony L-Series batteries. If you want to power the system externally you can use 6-16V DC Power Input which means you can even power through p-tap (d-tap) from your v-mount or most any battery with a DC out.

It's probably as straight forward as you get, and one of the most affordable systems on the market (if you only require HDMI inputs). You can find the Hollyland Mars 300 Wireless Video Kit following the link (CLICK HERE).