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find-price-button Cheap V Shaped Top Camera Support for Monopod

For photographers always on the move with heavy lenses shooting sports or even fast moving wildlife a monopod is probably your best bet. Some cheaper monopods come with just the 1/4 x 20 thread to mount the camera (or lens ring), so it would be wise to at least add a quick release plate for faster on / off mounting. But even a quick release can slow you down if you need to get the camera on and off in a pinch, so when a Quick Release adapter is not quick enough, check out this cheap V Yoke support that will turn any standard monopod into a resting spot for your Lens. Having a monopod carry the weight of your camera will provide you with extra stabilization, and allow you to focus at the subject at hand. It will also make sharing a monopod with a partner fast and simple without having to deal with QR plates. For Wedding Photographers who use double camera straps, this might also be of interest since you can get that Monopod support without having to dismount any cameras from your strap. It's a basic design normally used to give sharp shooters that extra stabilization for rifles, but works just as well shooting a camera with a heavy lens.