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Here's a new (optional) V-Mount Battery Adapter for the CAME-TV Prodigy (and ARGO) Gimbal that I believe will really help improve the overall efficiency of the Prodigy system when used with large cameras. First benefit is that V-Mount batteries can offer larger capacities than the 18650 batteries the system normally uses. This means longer run time and higher sustained voltage. Instead of having to charge individual cells and carry several loose spares, v-mount batteries are much easier to manage.

Secondly, with the new Gimbal V-Mount Battery Adapter you'll be able to power many cameras from the D-Tap out on the V-Mount battery which means you can relocate your power, free up more space in the frame allowing you to slide your camera back a few more inches to support heavier or longer lenses. By relocating the battery to the rear, I believe this also offers better YAW balancing of the system. With a proper D-Tap splitter, you can power other accessories as well (i.e. monitor, lighting, etc).

One caveat of the CAME-TV Gimbal V-Mount Battery Adapter is that it requires a compact v-mount battery which have a smaller physical height than your average v-mount. There is not enough clearance on the CAME-TV Prodigy and Argo Gimbals to support tall v-mount batteries. CAME-TV offers a number of different Compact V-Mount Batteries (found here) available in 65wh, 95wh, 120wh, and 130wh. They are very much the same size with slight differences in weight depending on the capacity you choose. I personally would suggest going for something like the 120wh or 130wh compact v-mounts.

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Of course there are other brands that make compact v-mount batteries which may work. Some models of the CORE SWX and IDX Cue are around 15cm in height, but I haven't been able to test (yet) this to confirm if it will actually work. The overall height of a CAME-TV Compact V-Mount battery is 14cm. So if you find a battery that is the same (or smaller) in height, I feel it should work as well. You can find the new Prodigy / ARGO Gimbal V-Mount Battery Adapters via CAME-TV.com (here)

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Here's a quick look at the new Vari-Volt cable from IndiPro Tools. This is a handy cable to have in the tool bag, especially if you own several of these V-Mount style batteries. This voltage converter with female P-Tap typically runs for $120+ (as seen here).

The Vari-volt is a voltage regulating powertap cable capable of converting an input voltage between 12-18v to a chosen constant voltage of 5v, 7.2v, or 12v. The cable's regulator box has a 2.5 x 5.5mm dc input, as well as an inline female powertap. The cable also includes a 24" 2.5 x 5.5mm to 2.5 x 5.5mm extension cable. The regulator supplies up to 3A of current.

Today, IndiPro Tools is sponsoring a product giveaway for one of these cables. You can register for the IndiPro Tools Vari-Volt product giveaway following the link (found here).

Vari-Volt with Female D tap