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Sony HX9V Ikelite Underwater Housing

The Sony HX9V is an amazing point and shoot HD video camera shooting 60fps even in full 1080HD. One thing I was looking forward to most this past summer was the ability to take it underwater. A bit late for my California Summer water activities, but still exciting news for other parts of the world where snorkeling, scuba, and maybe white water rafting activites never cease.

This little HX9v camera fits perfectly in situations (like underwater) where the manual controls are still accessible through mechanical buttons. You'll still be able to access all camera functions in the Ikelite Polycarbonate casing rated at a depth of 200' (feet). Other cameras moving towards touch screen controls would fail to use housings like this.

Unlike cheap plastic underwater camera bags, the Ikelite housing can also accept Ikelite Filters (for Color Correction). Would be a good housing to take the camera above sea level too in GoPro situations of dirt, mud, rain, sleet, and snow (albeit more expensive). Additional images of the Ikelite and specs all available following the link below.

find-price-button Ikelite Sony HX9V Underwater Housing

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