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The Amimon Connex Wireless HD Video Transmitter was designed for Professional Drone use, but with a modified kit from Camera Motion Research you can use it to transmit the HD Video from your HDMI over 3,300 feet (or 1,000 meters). The video transmits in full Uncompressed 1080p up to 60fps with what they say is zero latency.

The Amimon Connex kit from CMR has been modified for ease of use with your video cameras by attaching a custom battery pack frame to both the transmitter and receiver, includes modified power cables, and also adding 1/4-20 threaded mounts for mounting to a hotshoe or rig (among other small accessories added to the kit).

Even though this particular Connex kit has been modified, you can always remove the battery mount if you want to use it for your Professional Drone. For those who aren't familiar, Amimon chipsets are licensed to other big brand wireless video transmitters (i.e.Teradek), so they are proven to be reliable and robust. The value in the Connex kit specifically is that it does lack SDI inputs and does not transmit Audio. This system is for HDMI use only (but you can always add an SDI to HDMI converter).

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Learn-More-sm Amimon Connex Wireless 1080 HD Video Kit

So if your project relies heavily on transmitting video across long distances in full 1080hd up to 60fps, the modified Amimon Connex from Camera Motion Research is a great option for professionals. There are some additional accessories for this kit such as D-tap power cables and you can find more information at https://CaMotionLLC.com (here)