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Here's a little product sent in from Arni. Tascam's little iXZ adapter provides a Phantom Power XLR or 1/4" interface turning your iPhone, iPad, or even iPod touch into a portable recorder. The iXZ Phantom power is provided by a few AA batteries, and the unit has adjustable levels (gain), along with a headphone monitoring port on the backside.

* Switchable mic/line input
* Phantom power
* Gain control
* 1/8” headphone output
* XLR mic input
* High-impedence guitar input
* Mic input powered by two AA batteries
* Non-powered guitar input


Umm, is it just me or does that look like a fairly standard output plug? I guess this means it could be a cheap way to add XLR phantom power, adjustable pre-amp gain, and headphone monitoring to your DSLR camera (if you don't suffer from AGC). If it's not standard, Arni also points out an adapter that could get things back on track found here.

Available now, only through pre-order [Thanks Arni] (click here).

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