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Neil writes in and shares another small price drop on those small target shooter style Aputure Magic Rigs a.k.a. Polaroid Rigs. We've seen them drop down to an average $68 dollars, and now they're down to about $58 via eBay (click here). [Thanks Neil].

That's coming from overseas China, but for USA customers, if you add an extra dollar you could have it shipping from the US for $59 + Free Shipping via Amazon (click here).

Target-Shooter-RigPolaroid Magic Rig Aputure
find-price-button Polaroid Rig / Aputure Magic Rig Target Shooter style Stabilizer


DSLR Target Shooter RigDSLR MagicRIg Shooter Stabilizer

At first release these rigs were going roughly around $120 dollars including shipping. If you're lucky you might be able to catch a few floating around the $90 price point. Right now there's a recent price drop bringing it down to just $64 dollars. It's a straight up close out deal, and I don't think you'll see this price again for a long while..Check out the target shooter style rigs following the link (click here).

Aputure rig
find-price-button DSLR Video Stabilizer Magic Rig

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