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Tiffen iPhone Stabilizer

Yeah you know Tiffen and Steadicam. The guys who make the Steadicam Vest and Merlin stabilizer I love so much. They got something going that includes a swap meet and special stuff you can't buy from Retailers. I'm hoping one of those items will be the Tiffen iPhone Steadicam Stabilizer called 'Smoothee'. I'm thinking that would be a hot product when the iPhone 4Gs comes out with HD video support.

Later on in the day it sounds like an educational experience. This is definitely something everyone should attend. Knowledge is power and an even like this hosted by the professionals doesn't come around too often. The event sounds like fun, and i'm sure there's going to be tons of DSLR gurus floating around. I just might take a trip down.

This information was copied from https://tiffen.com/swap_meet_2010.html Please refer the to Tiffen website for any possible changes that may occur after this posting.

Tiffen Pre-Cine Gear Extravaganza
The Tiffen Company and its Steadicam Division, invite you to its Pre-Cine Gear Extravaganza that will be held at the Tiffen-Steadicam Showroom and Manufacturing Facility, 6933 San Fernando Road, Glendale, CA on June 3rd, 2010.
Please RSVP by June 1st, for one or all of the following events by contacting Michael ([email protected]) 1-800-593-3331 x7917 or Kathleen ([email protected]) 1-800-645-2522 x3241.

Event #1: Steadicam Factory Sale & Swap Meet (3:30– 6:30PM)

* Purchase Steadicam products as well as Tiffen items that are not normally sold through retailers.
* New, used, demo equipment, overstocks, discontinued items, samples, one-of-a-kind items.
* Great opportunity for students and professionals.
* Ideal for trade-ups, accessories, parts.
* Limited supply of “damaged in handling” Steadicam Operator’s Handbooks at ½ off cover price.
* Open Customer to Customer Swap Meet - This is a customer to customer exchange.
* Trade or swap your unwanted items for cash or product with other customers.
* Please note Tiffen claims no responsibility for customers' items bought or sold.
* Limited supply of Steadicam logo Caps, T-Shirts, Tool Kits, Sand Bags and more -No phone or mail orders will be accepted for these items.
* Items for sale are not available through Tiffen dealer business partners.
* If you’ve been putting off your purchase, this is your opportunity to “fly” your preferred Steadicam rig. Have an older Steadicam parts requirement? Send a detailed request list to Michael Craigs, [email protected] for first selection.
* Space available on first-come, first-serve basis.

Event #2: Tiffen Filter Experience (6:30pm-7:30pm)

* Presented by world renowned filter authority, Mr. Carey Duffy
* Educational seminar on what shooters want and need to know about filtration
* Light control solutions for the Canon 5/7D market
* Actual footage and stills
* Round and Square filters and the Matte Box
* Problem solution filters/The NEW Red Sensor
* "The Baked in Look" - Diffusion, Contrast & Color - WHY?
* Workflow of shooters in the field
* Dfx for Pre-visualization and Post Production
* Questions and Answers

Event # 3: Pre-Cine Gear Open House (7:30PM – 9:30PM)

* Featuring Tiffen products introduced at NAB 2010.
* Other products on display include our new Lowel equipment.
* Special guests include Steadicam inventor Garrett Brown and co-developer, Jerry Holway.
Fun, Food and Light Refreshments will be served.

Be sure to visit Tiffen Booth 119 at the Cine Gear Expo on June 4th and 5th, 2010.