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A few people have asked to see how I would go about balancing the Kamerar Video Camera Stabilizer. I have one here today, so I decided to run through the different parts of this stabilize and how to offset the counterweight to level your horizon.

First mount your camera, and then place the Gimbal under the center balance of your camera. Add counterweights to keep your camera upright. If you need to make the lower counterweight heavier, instead of adding more weights, you can slide it lower or mount it on the lower thread. If you have too much weight at the bottom, slide the counterweight upwards or mount it higher. If your camera is leaning to one side, you can swing the counterweight arm in the opposite direction.

There are far better and more advanced stabilizers on the market - this we know. Although the Kamerar doesn't have any of the fine tuning knobs as other more expensive stabilizers, it is possible to get it balanced. As with any stabilizer, including high end ones, it will take several weeks or even months to learn how to balance and how to move around. Don't get frustrated too quickly and just practice practice practice. You can find the Kamerar stabilizer following the link via eBay (click here).

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