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Video sliders are one of the easiest tools to add smooth dynamic camera movements. One of the problems you might face though is when you have to mount it over a single tripod. The weight of the camera when traveling from end to end can cause the slider to sag. In this case we often use two tripods, or one tripod and a light stand.

konova slider tripod support arm stability stabilizer

Konova's latest Tripod Stability Arm product tackles this problem. The telescoping arm clamps to one leg of your tripod and with a tie rod end can be positioned to support a slider perfectly horizontally, or even at various angles.

Konova is heavily promoting the fact that the Tripod Stability Arm is not just designed for Konova Sliders. The flat base and 1/4" thread allows this system to be used with just about any tripod and any slider (so long as you have a 1/4 or 3/8 tap). You can opt for one piece or a two piece kit if you're working with very long sliders, and this means you only need to travel with one tripod. Available now on the Konova website or following the links below.

konova tripod stability arm
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