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Officially announced just a few weeks ago and immediately tough to get a hold of, the new Sony ZV-1 camera is back in stock. The appeal of this compact camera is having a fully articulating LCD screen, built in ND Filter, fast autofocus, and image stabilization. Available now via B&H (here).

Learn More Sony ZV-1 Camera with Flip LCD Screen

In my opinion, Sony probably offers the best lineup of compact point and shoot cameras. So because we a;ready know the new ZV-1 Digital Camera is going to pack some impressive features and quality, let's skip the minor details and just jump into what I think is the best stand out features.

Sony ZV-1 Digital Camera

The most obvious design addition is the flip out LCD Screen. This single feature is going to make it desirable to anyone who has to present in front of the camera. Even just shooting b-roll or handheld, this ability to tilt and swivel an LCD screen is a big reason I love shooting with my GH5s camera.

Next is the built in ND Filter, which is going to help you obtain that unique out of focus backround with it's fast f/1.8 lens when shooting outdoors in bright light. Not to mention that f/1.8 wide open is going to help you when shooting in dim light. The ND filter is also important for setting proper shutter speed to get that natural motion blur.

While it is targeted to Vloggers who primarily work in front of the camera and are constantly on the move, there are many features that professionals can take advantage of when it's not appropriate to use a larger system.

The new Sony ZV-1 offers unlimited recording time to SDXC, 4K recording, high framerates, SLOG, fast autofocus, image stabilization, remote Wifi App control, and a whole lot more. While it won't replace a higher end system like a Sony A6600, the ZV-1's compact size and introductory price of $750 US certainly offers a lot of functionality and value. Available for pre-order (found here).

Sony ZV-1 Digital Camera