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Who doesn't love the Sony HX9V? It's a fairly small pocketable camera that provides a full 1080/60p and probably the best image stabilization you'll find in a point and shoot. The Sony HX9V was such a great camera, that we decided to use it for our entire coverage at PMA at CES2012.

Hard to believe, but Sony has made a good thing even better with the announcements of a few new cameras including the HX10V and HX20V. The HX9V had 16x Zoom, while the new HX20V has an incredible 20x zoom. They've even managed to make upgrades to the already impressive Image Stabilization, and enhanced Digital Zoom quality. You'll have to skip towards the end of the video (above) to get information about the new cams. Both HX10V and HX20V digital cameras are already available for Pre-Order.

find-price-button Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX10V Digital Camera

find-price-button Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX20V Digital Camera


If all that is not enough for you, they're even throwing in an HX30V camera with 20x Optical Zoom and built in Wi-Fi. While most camera phones lack the features of a solid Point and Shoot camera, the Wi-Fi addition in the HX30V lets you take advantage of all it's features and then sync up with your smart phone so that you can immediately share it through your Photo Galleries and Social Networks (Instagram?).

find-price-button Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX30V 20x Zoom Digital Camera