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If you've purchased a Field HDMI Monitor, on-camera LED light, or even Studio LED Paanel, chances are you've had to buy a set of Sony NP-F series: NP-F550/F570/F770/F960/F970, NP-FM series: FM50/FM51/FM55H/FM500H, NP-QM series: QM50/QM51/QM71D/QM91D or similar type of battery.

Sony NPF battery L SeriesSony NP-F7704177VBY5W9L._AA160_Sony NP-F770 Camcorder Battery

These Sony style batteries are becoming more and more popular, and with plenty of aftermarket versions available at every online retailer, i'd like to hear which ones you've purchased recently and what your feedback is on the batteries you're using. I'm sure many of us could use some good information, so please share your comments and links below, thanks guys!