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Skyler MIniTrack Slider

Not sure how I didn't see this, but the same Skyler company that makes the MiniCam Stabilizer also offers a video slider. The Skyler MiniTrack slider comes in 60cm or 90cm length. Interestingly though it also comes with two axles to be used as a very long rolling dolly. I see the portionable axles more as a gimmick because it would be rare to find a surface big enough to be so useful. Personally, I think it would be better for Skyler to drop those extra features and lower the price on the entire unit.

Skyler MiniTrack Video DollySkyler MiniTrack Slider Dolly

When the wheels are not in use, there's adjustable legs to stay planted. The ends of the rail offer vertical mounting for crane-like shots. Prices on the MiniTrack start over $450 and for the curious, a sample video following the link (click here).

Skyler MiniTrack Video Camera Slider
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